Professional Japanese Hair Scissor Products

The best Japanese hairdressing and barbering scissors in Canada! From Juntetsu, Jaguar to Kamisori and Joewell, we cover the best Japanese scissor brands.

Kamisori Sword Barber Shear logo

Kamisori Sword Barber Shear

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Take your hair cutting and styling sessions to the next level when you have the Kamisori Sword Professional Haircutting Shear in your arsenal.

These heavy-duty hair c...

Yasaka Offset Shears logo

Yasaka Offset Shears

Made In Japan | Offset Ergonomics | #1 Best Value Japanese Cutting Shears
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The Yasaka Offset Hair Scissors has quick become Canada’s most famous Japanese hair scissor because of its excellent plan, all-rounder haircutting capacity, ...

Mina Umi Hair Cutting Scissor logo

Mina Umi Hair Cutting Scissor

Price: $99
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Lightweight, durable and sharp, these Mina Umi Hair Cutting Scissors hit all of the most important points for a pair of premium hair cutting scissors.

These sheers ar...

Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Scissors logo

Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Scissors

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With its ergonomic shape, lightweight design and traditional handles, the Jaguar Pre Style Ergo P Hair Cutting Scissors are comfortable and easy to wield during an entire hai...

Joewell Cobalt Hair Scissors logo

Joewell Cobalt Hair Scissors

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Enjoy a smooth, seamless and comfortable hair cutting session when you use the Joewell Cobalt Hair Cutting Scissor.

These scissors are crafted out of premium Japanese...