Kamisori Rose Professional Hair Cutting Shears

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Beautifully designed, highest quality scissor materials, hand-made, spotless steel Haircutting shears are worth owning for sure! Order yours now!

What looks like an antique royal jewel from a distance is actually a beautifully designed, hand-made pair of shears that speaks volume of the craftsmanship that took to create it.

Made by the world-renowned Japanese hand smiths, these professional, cutting-edge shears are a must-have for every barber who wants to hype up the game.

Suitable for cut, point, and obtuse trimming, this pair of shears is really good at its job. Works on both dry and wet hair, this one is definitely like beauty with brains.

Kamisori Rose Cutting Hair Scissor

  • Sizes: 5.5” & 6.0”
  • Types: Cutting
  • Steel: Japanese ATS-314 Steel
  • Rating: ★★★★★

Kamisori Rose Offset Hair Shears Review

If you are looking for the ultimate Kamisori hair cutting scissor, then look no further than the premium Rose hair shear for professional hairdressers, hairstylists and barbers!

  • Material: ATS-314 cobalt spotless super steel
  • Blade: Kamisori Japanese 3D Convex
  • Size: 5.5” & 6”
  • Hand: Right
  • Ergonomic Design

Learn why the Kamisori Rose haircutting shear is the best hair scissors available in Australia and New Zealand.