Mina Kami Hair Cutting Scissor

The Mina Kami scissor stands out as an independent and reliable all-rounder hair cutting scissor that’s perfect for all hair types.

This hair cutting scissor features specialized stainless steel hair cutting scissor is tempered with precise blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges to trim hair with ease evenly, will not damage or split hair ends.

Mina Kami scissors features:

  • 6” scissor size
  • Sharp convex edge for slice haircutting
  • hand-adjustable tension gem
  • lightweight stainless cutting steel

The Mina Kami Offset Hairdressing Scissor

The offset handles ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Offset handles reduce strain on your thumb and wrist, relaxes your elbow.

Beautifully designed ergonomic handle with a sharp and durable convex edge. A sharp cutting blade that is suitable for all hair types Hand-made barber hair cutting & thinning scissors

Mina Kami Hairdressing Scissor Details

  • Price: Between $99 to $149
  • Sizes: 6”
  • Types: Cutting
  • Steel: Stainless Steel
  • Rating: ★★★

If you are looking for a reliable all-rounder hair cutting scissor with a dash of style, then the Kami is perfect for you. It includes the Kami scissor which cuts all types of hair, and a leather scissor protective pouch.