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Mina Kuro Cutting & Thinning Hair Scissor Set

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The Mina Kuro set features a hair cutting scissor and thinning scissor in 5.5” size with a comfortable offset ergonomic handle.

These Kuro hair cutting shears are hand-made and hand-sharpened from stainless cutting steel that retains its sharp edge for continuous haircutting.

These slice cutting edges allows you to cut hair effortlessly.

These shears will outperform any other entry-level shears in its class with a finely honed blade and a custom-designed tension adjustment screw.

The Mina hairdressing scissors are perfect for salon workers, hairdressers, beginners, students, apprentices, and home haircutting!

Stainless steel holds that black colour coating and mirror-finished texture, giving the scissors a stylish look with a sharp edge for quick cutting.

  • Protect your hair by using these clean cutting scissors that do not damage or cause split hair.
  • Cutting tools are complete and suitable for salon professionals and families for daily use.

Mina Kuro Hair Scissor Set Details

  • Sizes: 5.5”
  • Types: Cutting & Thinning
  • Steel: Stainless Steel
  • Rating: ★★★

These Mina Kuro scissors are the best value entry-level pair for everyday and general haircutting.