Yasaka Barber Shear Deluxe Set

The Yasaka Deluxe Master Barber Set is hand-crafted by Japanese scissor artisans in Nara, Japan. Compared to other mass-produced scissors, the Deluxe Master Set from Yasaka becomes a collector’s item as much as it is a hair cutting tool.

Barber more efficiently when you keep the Yasaka Professional K-10 Deluxe Barber Shear Set on hand.

This set provides a comfortable pair of Barber Scissors and a sturdy set of Thinning Scissors, both of which will serve you well for years to come due to the premium Cobalt Japanese Stainless Steel material.

Yasaka Deluxe Set

The thinning shears feature 40 teeth made with Japanese sharpened prism technology that provides a clean cut for seamless texturising.

The premium-quality cutting shears boast a clam-shaped convex edge that is ideal for slicing and snipping in a precise and effortless way.

Yasaka Deluxe Barber Set Details

  • Price: Between $799 to $1499 Per Set
  • Sizes: 7” Deluxe Barber Shear & 6” inches in thinning (40 teeth) or texturizing (20-30 teeth)
  • Types: Cutting & Thinning/Texturizing
  • Steel: ATS314 Cobalt Steel
  • Rating: ★★★★★
  • Models: Yasaka K-10, YS300 and YS400