Scissor Brands

Hairdressing Scissor Brands available in Australia

Australia’s hairdressing industry is booming! With demand increasing for new and unique hair styling services comes a larger demand from hairdressing professionals looking for the best scissors.

Looking for the best hairdressing scissors has been a struggle for me as I have been using my manager’s pair for a while. But I found support from Japan Scissors and they listened to the way I cut hair and my needs. They recommended Juntetsu and they cut great. Samantha Owens - Brisbane Hair

There are popular brands like Jaguar that have been around for years and new and upcoming Japanese brands that Australian’s are adopting as the standard for high quality hairdressing tools, but where do you start when looking for a brand that suits you?

It all depends on the scissors you are looking for. If you are looking for casual or training hairdressing scissors, then you can get a pair of Jaguar Jay 2 or Mina Scissors for $100. If you are looking for the best value Japanese steel scissors, then you can purchase Juntetsu Scissors. If you looking for high-end Japanese steel scissors, then you can look at Mizutani Scissors.

Here is a breakdown of the best hairdressing scissor brands and their estimated value:

You can find a pair of hairdressing scissors online that suits your needs and budget in Australia with Scissor Hub. Understanding your hair styling and cutting needs and your budget, you will be able to pick out the best and most highly regarded brands that will give you a pair of shears that keep cutting for many years ahead.