Excellent Edges

Excellent Edges is an Australian online hair scissor store.

Starting all the way back in 1999, Excellent Edges has a unique and traditional presence in the industry.

A larger focus on their showroom and retail store presence in 15/42 New Street, Ringwood VIC 3134. Their online retail store is limited, but provides a general overview of their category.

They have locked down various exclusivity deals with Japanese hairdressing scissor suppliers, such as Yamato and Fuji Scissors.

Excellent Edges Review

  • Website: ★★
  • Retail Store: ★★★★
  • Communication: ★★★
  • Warranty & Product Support: ★★★
  • Price Range: $500-1500

Compared to most hairdressing scissor stores, Excellent Edges struggles to keep up with modern technology and the online needs of their customers.

For locals who are able to visit their retail store, the face-to-face services are top of the line.

With the majority of stores being online, having a showroom allows hairdressers to physically feel and test the products.

The price range is above average, where a normal pair would cost $200-300, Excellent Edges charges $400-800.

With a lot of overheads to run the physical store, they cannot compete on prices that Japan Scissors or Scissor Tech.

You get what you pay for, and with Excellent Edges, they provide decades of experience in the hairdressing scissor industry.

You pay a premium and you can get advice on choosing a premium pair of hairdressing scissors.

Excellent Edges stands out as a scissor company that shows that the traditional stores can still survive.

Fuji and Yamato scissors are among the brands that are exclusively sold through Excellent Edges.

The perspective of the hairdresser or barber:

  • a great physical store, but the online store is stressful
  • the prices are high, but the excellent edges scissors are definitely premium
  • they are able to provide the right advice for scissors

Overall: ★★★