iCandy Hairdressing Scissors

iCandy is an Australian online hair scissor store based out of the Gold Coast, QLD.

They produce hairdressing scissors at affordable prices. They may be made in China or South Korea, but we are unable to find out.

Similarly to Excellent Edges, they focus on a retail store and online presence is only second.

Unlike most other online retailers, they only supplier their own “iCandy” brands.

Excellent Edges Review

  • Website: ★★
  • Retail Store: ★★★
  • Communication: ★★
  • Warranty & Product Support: ★★★
  • Price Range: $300-600

A relatively new player in the market, they are learning to produce hairdressing scissors for professionals at an affordable price.

The iCandy series usually feature ergonomic and 3D grip style handles and a wide arrange of colours.

With a lot of overheads to run the physical store, they cannot compete on prices that Japan Scissors or Scissor Tech.

They are however building an incredibly strong online presence with Mark Konrad becoming the “Steve Jobs” of iCandy scissors.

Their website is a work in progress, but their efforts in iCandy hairdressing scissor designs is paying off.

The styles and designs are becoming popular online with hairdressers and barbers presenting their new pairs on Instagram and Facebook.

The perspective of the hairdresser or barber:

  • affordable iCandy scissors
  • retail store allows you to try before you buy
  • they offer unique styles and designs
  • customer support is still improving

Overall: ★★★