Oil For Hair Scissors: What Kind Of Oil Is Best For Shears?

September 08, 2021 2 min read

Oil For Hair Scissors: What Kind Of Oil Is Best For Shears? - Scissor Hub Australia

It is very important to use the perfect type of oil for hair Scissors. It will keep them maintained, providing lubrication to the edges. Hair scissors that are not located regularly lose their efficiency.

To keep the blades long-lasting and Sharp for a longer time, it is necessary to or applies oil at the edges. There are certain types of oils present for hairdressing scissors.

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What type of oil should be used for hair Scissors?

Before processing the oil for your hair scissor, you must look for certain features. The best type of oil should be chosen for hair Scissors to keep them well maintained and increase their efficiency.

1. Lubricating oil

You cannot apply all types of oil when it comes to hairdressing Scissors. There is specific lubricating oil available in the market for keeping your hair scissors well maintained.

You can use Camellia scissor oil for obtaining perfect results. It is one of the perfect lubricating oil preferred by many people to keep their hairdressing scissors durable and long-lasting.

You can find it easily in the market and various online websites.

It will keep the edges of your Scissors lubricated, providing durability and efficiency. Before purchasing the oil, you should look for its composition and ensure that it is lubricating oil.

2. Plant-based oil

Plant-based oil can be a perfect choice for hair scissors because they are organic and work best on sharp blades. Camellia scissor oil is also extracted from a specific plant type, which is very suitable for hair Scissors.

To keep your scissor blades as sharp as the first day, you should regularly apply plant-based oil on the edges for significant results of the hair scissor.

Oiling the scissor will keep it safe from getting rusted, allowing it to provide smooth but will leave your clients satisfied. It works with great details and provide high quality result.

3. High-quality lubricating oil

While purchasing oil for the hair Scissors, you should go for the best quality oils available in the market. Low or poor quality lubricating Oils will not do their job, which will result in damage to your hair Scissors.

You should invest in the accessories you are using for your hair scissor because your hair condition depends. You can make them worse by using low-quality products, especially those applied to the hair Scissors.

If you want to keep your hair scissor effective and durable, it is recommended to purchase high-quality lubricating oil, especially Camellia scissor oil.

Investing in your scissor is investing in your hair. Blades are easy to lose their sharpness if not kept well maintained. If you own a business, it is recommended to keep your scissor blades clean and lubricated daily.


Oiling the hair scissor will keep it durable and effective. They are best for keeping your scissors well maintained. Some of the most important aspects you should look at in the oil that is best for hair scissors are mentioned above.