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Kamisori Shears is a North American hairdressing scissor brand that produces premium hair scissors for barbers and hairdressers.

Over the past ten years, more and more hairdressers, hairstylists and barbers are stocking up their collection with Kamisori shears as the most reliable hair cutting tools available online.

The most popular models from Kamisori are:

Known for their handcrafted and unique designs, Kamisori continues to surprise and delight professional hairdressers with their modern styles and ever-changing models.

Each new model and series that comes out, features a new take on the original design. Each pair of Kamisori Shears that you bear is unique and limited, so you can be sure that these hair scissors are as much a collector’s item as they are a professional haircutting tool.

The price is higher, but so is the quality. You can expect your new pair of Kamisori shears to last for many years if well maintained.

Find out why Kamisori has become one of the most popular hairdressing scissor manufacturers in Australia & New Zealand.

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Things you need to know about Kamisori Scissor brand

Kamisori Scissor produces amazing hairdressing scissors with unique sharp edge blades. As a result, they are great for haircutting. Kamisori is a well-renowned barber and hairdressing scissor manufacturer. They are popular worldwide.

Benefits of using Kamisori hair shears

  1. Hardened Japanese steel goes into the making of Kamisori shears. Moreover, they have sharp convex edge blades.
  2. Kamisori brand has managed to earn a good reputation by winning a few international awards. The awards were for the best hair cutting scissors for buying.
  3. Kamisori scissors use a good-quality convex edge blade. As a result, the scissor is perfect for slide, point, chop, and other haircutting techniques.
  4. Every model has good ergonomics for cutting hair all day long.
  5. Kamisori produces limited edition scissor designs compared to other scissor brands. Moreover, the scissors are stylish and trendy.

Kamisori is becoming immensely popular in the hair scissor industry. They create high-quality haircutting scissors for barbers and hairstylists.

Moreover, when you order the genuine Kamisori Scissors, it includes free shipping worldwide.

Every product uses high-quality steel. And, they are hand-crafted with care. Kamisori is proud of its diverse product line consisting of high-quality hair scissors.

The ergonomic designs, sharper scissor blades, and great craftsmanship give them an upper hand in the hair scissor industry.

The manufacturing unit of Kamisori in Australia follows a strict protocol. Each pair of scissors has the qualities to meet the high standards set after years of research and study. So, each scissor goes through severe craftsmanship.

Ninety-three different steps go into making the reputable final product. And, that’s how they got popular because of their perfect quality hair scissors.

Moreover, this kind of craftsmanship is rare. Kamisori has been innovating and designing hair cutting tools for generations now. Kamisori believes that making superior scissor blades is an art.

Only a few people with vast experience and talent can master different techniques and methods. As such, they deliver good-quality hair scissors. There is a lot of hard work involved in the making. Moreover, the techniques came from one generation to another.

As a result, we have perfectly balanced and lightweight hair shears for delicate and accurate haircutting.

Kamisori collections have scissors with intense craftsmanship

Haircutting shears from Kamisori are handmade using the best materials. No other scissor brand has good craftsmanship in its making and uses the best raw materials.

Kamisori tends to please the Australian hairstylists. That’s because they look for high standards when it is about hair cutting tools.

Kamisori scissors are lightweight and have good ergonomics. As a result, they provide quick and smooth haircuts.

While assembling the scissor pieces, every pair goes through rigorous testing and examination. Each scissor pair passes through 93 separate caution strides. As such, the end-product becomes flawless.

Kamisori’s senior specialists in Australia are engaged in making hairdressing scissors for ages. According to them, the sharp edge blade is a different type of craftsmanship that only a few people with extensive knowledge can dominate.

Why you should buy Kamisori hair scissors

Kamisori hair shears are cautiously handcrafted using the best materials at hand. And, no other scissor brand has ever displayed such amazing craftsmanship. Moreover, the end product has a lightweight design with good ergonomics.

While assembling the hair scissors at the factory, each pair passes through a lengthy process of study, examination, and testing. The ninety-three distinct ways of examination guarantee the flawlessness of the end-product.

Kamisori’s senior skilled workers have been manufacturing hair scissors for decades. The sharp edge blade present on the Kamisori scissors is a work of good craftsmanship that only a few people with rich experience can dominate.

Kamisori collections for hairdressing professionals

We know what we make and can stand by our loyalty toward consumers. So, at any point when you buy Kamisori hair shears, you get a lifetime guarantee on the products. There is a 1-year incidental harm guarantee as well. Also, you get a cash refund if the product fails to satisfy you within 15 days.

Kamisori scissors is all about a work of classic art. These hair scissors are recommended by hairstylists worldwide.

Damascus collection

This collection consists of hair scissors that are individually made by some of the experienced Japanese workers. The craftsmanship is passed through ages from generation to generation.

Dragon collection

Every pair in this collection is the direct result of long study, experimentation, and testing. These scissor pairs bring a sense of freshness to the hairstylists.

Kamisori shears are from Japan and they use the finest material to manufacture. Each scissor pair is the result of years of research and vigorous testing. We introduce our exclusive Dragon collection to hairdressers worldwide. These are precise, well-balanced, and stylish shears that allow you to show off in style.

The ergonomic design of the shears is very attractive. As such, they are the most sought-after haircutting scissors in Australia. Expert hairstylists are always looking out to buy high-quality shears. And, Kamisori’s Dragon collection is a good choice.

Kamisori has other models such as the Kaos & Havok, FeatherLite, and so on. But, the Dragon Collection is the best you can find in Australia.

Titanium collection

This amazing collection of hair shears is all about Japanese design. Also, they get along with the latest style.

The Titanium Collection from Kamisori is well-performing, exciting, and daring. The Titanium Collection has been in the scissor industry for over 15 years. As a result, they have impressed a lot of hairdressers in Australia.

Kamisori Titanium Collection comes with a lower price tag. It is cheaper compared to other hair scissor collections such as the Dragon and Damascus. Almost every expert hairstylist knows that Kamisori scissors are the best entry-level hair shears you can ever find.

There is no doubt that you would love the unique styles and designs of Kamisori shears. Moreover, you get a great scissor pair that helps you achieve a smooth haircut. The curved handles and unique ergonomics protect your hand from fatigue.

Apart from the Kamisori Titanium collection, we became fans of Kamisori Diablo and Black Diamond hair shears. They have stylish yet simple designs with sharp blade edges. On the other hand, these are available at affordable prices. And, they last for a prolonged time.

Kamisori Razor Tools

Shaving becomes one of the most refreshing attempts when you use the best Japanese steel. And, they have maintained good standards on its products. The Art Of Shaving assortment has sharp cutting blade edges made with the finest Japanese steel. All kinds of styling instruments have intuitive designs and great styling.

Kamisori hair shears review: Are they good enough?

Buying from an online shopping store is different from buying from a nearby retail store. However, one of the greatest advantages of online shopping is reviews. Because Kamisori Scissors is a popular brand, there are a lot of reviews from the USA, Canada, and Australia. The reviews are all about how the scissors perform, feel, and last.

Moreover, the best reviews come from barbers and hairdressers. They explain everything in detail and show you how they are a perfect fit for all haircutting professionals.

At ScissorHub.com.au, our team is in constant search of the best hair scissor brands in 2021. So, we dig deep to find out the best hairdressing scissor manufacturer for you.

If you are a barber or hairdresser, you want to have the right hair cutting tools for your specific needs. Also, you look out for good ergonomics. That way, it gives you confidence while cutting hair constant for a few hours.

When it comes to comparing Kamisori with other brands, there aren’t any major differences. The high-quality shears would cost you more. But the Kamisori shears won’t let you break your bank.

How did Kamisori Scissors manage to become one of the best hair scissor brands?

Kamisori is a world-renowned scissor brand famous for producing high-quality hairdressing scissors. The haircutting scissors use some of the finest steel available. Also, they are handcrafted so that they can keep artistic value.

Kamisori has a rich product line of good-quality hair scissors, and they are proud of that. The deadly sharp blade edge, great ergonomics, and unique craftsmanship make them stand out from the rest in the scissor industry.

The manufacturing procedure is strict. Each pair is constructed in a way to meet high standards. Every scissor undergoes severe craftsmanship and ninety-three distinct steps. The result is a reliable hair scissor.

This kind of craftsmanship doesn’t occur overnight. Moreover, the expertise has been passed on from one generation to another. Making superior scissor blades is a form of art according to Kamisori. Very few talented workers can master such techniques and deliver high-quality products.

After years of hard work and the latest developments in technology, the result is lightweight and perfectly balanced shears. And, every hairstylist uses it for an accurate and faster haircut.

Kamisori Black Diamond Review

One of the renowned pieces of steel that goes into the making of swords used in warfare was Damascus. Many people believe that Syria is the place where it was first seen. But in reality, the legendary Japanese Samurai sword used Damascus steel.

However, in today’s world, hairdressers don’t go to the battlefield with swords. But they need high-quality steel that is durable, sharp, and flexible. Kamisori in an attempt to keep the heritage has introduced a variety of Damascus Shears.

The Japanese bladesmiths manufacture all the hair scissor models with perfection. The finest craftsmanship is passed on from one generation to another. Moreover, hairstylists across the world use these hair scissors.

These are high-rated haircutting tools. Even a celebrity stylist said that these shears are the “Ferraris of the hair scissor world!”

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