Hairdressing Scissor Brands in Australia

Explore our extensive range of top-quality hairdressing scissor brands at Scissor Hub Australia, featuring premier scissor brands favoured by Aussie hairdressing, hairstylist, and barber professionals. Our collection includes popular brands like Jaguar, Ichiro, Joewell, Juntetsu, Kamisori, Mina, Yasaka, and Feather Razors.

Jaguar Scissors
Ichiro Scissors
Joewell Scissors
Juntetsu Scissors
Kamisori Shears
Mina Scissors
Yasaka Scissors
Feather Razors

About the brands

Each brand in our collection offers unique features and specialities. For instance, Ichiro, Joewell, and Yasaka scissors are favoured for their outstanding sharpness and cutting speed - a favourite amongst seasoned hairdressers. On the other hand, Jaguar and Juntetsu offer classic designs and durable stainless steel scissors, perfect for barbers who need reliable tools for everyday use.

Brands like Juntetsu, Ichiro, and Kamisori are celebrated for their ergonomic design and comfort, making them popular with professionals who spend long hours at work. Ultimately, the choice of brand would depend on your specific needs, comfort, and budget.