Mina Hair Scissors

Welcome to our dedicated collection for the Mina Scissors brand. Known for their high-quality hairdressing, barber, and hair cutting scissors, Mina Scissors combine professional ergonomics with stainless steel. Whether it's basic bevel, flat-edge, or convex-edge blades, they create the ideal entry-level professional hair scissors.

Mina Scissors: Key Features

  • Professional offset ergonomics for comfortable handling.
  • Stainless cutting steel for durable and sharp blades.
  • Scissor prices range from $99 to $249, ensuring affordability.
  • Available in various sizes including 4.0”, 4.5”, 5.0”, 5.5”, 6.0”, 6.5” and 7.5”.
  • Models: Umi, Ash, Sakura, Jay, Matte Black, Classic, and more!

Why Choose Mina Scissors?

Mina hair scissors have steadily gained popularity for their reliable and affordable hairdressing scissors. If you're seeking the perfect all-rounder hair cutting scissors for under $200, models such as the Mina Umi, Sakura, Classic, or Matte Black offer incredible value. They employ convex, bevel, or flat-edge blades and exhibit simple yet efficient designs. Whether you're cutting hair at home, in a salon or barbershop, or learning the craft, Mina provides the best tools.

Mina is an excellent scissor brand for individuals seeking beginner or affordable entry-level hairdressing scissors.