Online Payment Options For Buying Hairdressing Scissors

Australia’s modern hair industry caters to new payment methods that make purchasing hairdressing scissors, sharpening services and general hair styling easier than ever before.


What is AfterPay? You can see AfterPay available at almost every retail store. Rather than one single payment, you will now be able to make the payment over 8 weeks. A purchase of $200 is split up to 4 fortnightly payments of $200 with no additional fees*.

  1. AfterPay Allows you to make payments of multiple fortnights
  2. AfterPay is available for in-store and online purchase
  3. Approval within minutes, not hours or days
  4. Available for buying goods and services

AfterPay is leading Australia’s retail and services industry by making the purchase of higher quality goods more achievable. If you are looking for hairdressing scissors, hair styling or sharpening services, take a moment to look through your preferred online store for AfterPay’s availability.


ZipPay allows you to purchase goods and services for orders between $50 to $1000 with interest free installments. ZipPay offers more flexibility than AfterPay with purchasing and you can pay monthly rather than just fortnightly.

  • ZipPay allows for flexible payments
  • ZipPay is interest free
  • Available in-store and online
  • Approval within minutes, not hours or days
  • Available in credit limits of $350, 500 and $1000

ZipPay is more popular for long duration of payments, so you can pay these off weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Your purchase, your choice! ZipPay leads Australia with its flexible installment payments, so if you are looking to purchase hairdressing scissors, sharpening services or hair styling, check to see if your preferred store offers ZipPay!