Buy Hairdressing Scissors With AfterPay in Australia

Hairdressing Scissors Afterpay

When you shop online at, take advantage of Afterpay payments to get hairdressing scissors in Australia and New Zealand. Afterpay is a great way to get high-quality Japanese Steel Scissors and then pay them off over time.

Hairdressing is a passion and an art - You Can Now Buy Scissors For Hairdressing With AfterPay Online!

What is afterpay for hair scissors?

AfterPay is the newest and most popular way to buy hairdressing scissors. You can buy now and pay later with four fortnightly, interest-free instalments.

Orders from $50-$2,000 can be purchased now and paid later. AfterPay is free of interest and takes only 2 minutes to register at the checkout.

The new maximum order value per transaction is $2000 as of April 24, 2020

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How Does Afterpay Work?

After you sign up, and you get approved for credit, you will have a line up to $2,000 in your shopping account and a line up to $2,000 in credit. It's as easy as it sounds. You select the products you want to checkout, and instead of paying full price via Visa or Mastercard, you can choose which payment method you prefer.AfterpayFill in your details at the checkout and you will receive interest-free instalments instead of one full payment.
You can make monthly payments for hairdressing scissors. You can easily pay for hairdressing scissors by paying monthly installments.

What is the average time it takes for my Afterpay account to work?

After completing the quick registration process, you can begin using Afterpay. Once you have signed up and been approved you can start shopping at Afterpay vendors via the checkout page.


What products can I buy with Afterpay?

Scissor Hub is proud to work with Afterpay and offer a broad range of products. Scissor Hub offers professional hairdressing scissors and shears with afterpay. We have many well-known brands like Yasaka, Ichiro and Jaguar as well as Juntetsu and Mina.

What Are the Features of Shopping with Afterpay?

  • Plans that offer interest-free repayments Afterpay doesn't charge interest on any balances that you have.

  • Afterpay allows you to buy the item that you desire today, and then you can pay in.Four equal payments due everyTwo Weeks. You can get your scissors by this method without having to lose control of your money and provide personal bank details to anyone.

  • Refunds will be adjusted to the final payment schedule if you return products. No payment will be made if your entire order has been refunded before your first payment is charged.

  • Afterpay will not allow you to purchase any other Afterpay products if you have missed a payment. To help you stay on your plan, we will charge a $10 late fee. This is equal to 25% of the purchase price. It never exceeds $68.

  • Subscription deductions. Direct debit allows you to set up repayments automatically from your credit card or bank account.

See Afterpay Terms and Conditions.


Who can sign up with Afterpay?

  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident
  • You must be at least 18 years old to be able to sign a legally binding agreement
  • Verify that your mobile number and email address are valid and verified
  • An Australian bank account is required.
  • Provide basic information about yourself and bank account details or credit card details

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