FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Hairdressing Scissors

Are you looking to buy hairdressing scissors, barber shears, and razors?

Online shopping can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of brands, styles, and options available?

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions based on years of customer feedback. 

What are the differences between different types of hairdressing scissors?

Whether you shop online or in-store, it is not easy to find the right size hairdressing scissors for you.

We will explain the various types of hairdressing scissors that are available.

  • Haircutting scissors: The most fundamental trimming tools you will see in a barbershop or salon are the haircutting shears. This is a pair of straight slicing shears that can be used to cut lengths for styling. You can also use it to trim other things in the salon. A couple of scissors are also a good choice for DIY beauticians. This type is also useful for hairdressers looking to purchase a few haircutting shears.
  • Texturizing scissors: Texturizing shears are another widely-used tool for cutting hair. They look like scissors but have one sharp edge with teeth that grab the hair. This shear has 7-16 teeth, making it an unusual type of shears. This tool is used to reduce unmanageable hair, but not eliminate its length.
  • Swivel scissors: These scissors reduce the pressure on the client's four legs; swivel shears are used for their ergonomic handles. This is a good choice for people with carpal tunnel disorder or tedious strain injury. The pivoting thumb opening on the edge of the turn shears is different from other scissors that have finger openings located next to each other. The thumb is often more restricted and plotted to allow for more distinctive and advantageous developments.
  • Thinning scissors: Despite being an alternative apparatus, thinning scissors are often traded with texturizing cutters. Texturizing shears are not the same as diminishing shears, which have generally gapped teeth. Diminishing shears have fewer teeth. This is used to reduce mass and mix with the outline lines of some scissors.
  • Long barber blade scissors: Long-bladed shears can be used to trim hair, but they have longer cutting edges. This allows you to cut more hair in one pass, which is great for hairdressers and salons alike. These scissors can be used for all types of over-the-brush methods and are usually 6 to 7 inches in length. This scissors is ideal for gruff cutting because it can be clipped in one piece.
  • Short hairdresser blades: The short-bladed trimmer can be used by those with smaller hands. They are lighter and easier to control. This reduces hand fatigue. Short-bladed scissors can be found in sizes ranging from 4" to 5.5". It is ideal for cutting and itemizing, which makes it a must-have among beauticians.
  • Left-handed scissors: The left-gave scissors are last but not least. These scissors have different handle designs than the standard, right-gave. For easier and more profitable cutting, the handles are designed to fit the left hand.

What size are my hairdressing scissors?

We need to know what type of hair cutting you use to determine the best size scissor for you.

There are two significant sizes of hairdressing and barbering scissors:

  • Smaller scissors: These are usually between 4.5" and 5.5". You can cut hair more precisely with smaller scissors that have shorter blades.
  • Longer scissors These are usually between 6" and 8". These are used by barbers using the Over Comb technique to trim hair quickly. They have longer blades and larger blades.

The most common size for haircutters, hairdressers, hairstylists and home hairdressers is 6".

The 6-inch length is perfect for most hair cutting and styling techniques.

  • We recommend that you measure the length of the scissors against your middle finger and the entire length against your palm when selecting the right scissors. Most scissors can be used to make a wide range of cuts, ranging from 4.5" up to 8 ".

What kind of scissors are you looking for to cut hair at home?

The perfect pair of scissors for cutting is a simple pair made from stainless steel. They have a flat-edge, convex or bevelled edge blade.

A pair of scissors to cut your hair at home doesn't have to cost $500Here's a list of the top scissors to cut hair at home.

  1. (Best Home-Use Scissor). Umi Hair Cutting Scissor
  2. (Best Home-Use Scissor set) Timeless Cutting and Thinning Set
  3. Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting Scissor
  4. Mina Matte Black Cutting Scissor
  5. Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo
  6. Sakura Cutting & Thinning Set
  7. Mina Ash Black Cutting Scissor
  8. Mina Traditional Black Scissor Set
  9. Ichiro Relax Cutting Scissor
  10. Mina Barber Scissors

We'd love to hear from you if we missed any of your favorite home-use hairstylizers!

What Are The Best Brands That Make Hair Scissors?

Whether in Australia, the USA, Canada or Europe, the best hairdressing scissor brands are typically from Japan or Germany.

What is the best brand of hair scissors for you? Reputation is the most important factor. It determines how confident you are when purchasing a pair online. The best brands use high-quality materials and sharp edges. They are ideal for cutting hair and can last many years.

These are the top 10 hair-styling brands that you can use at home or by professionals.

  1. (Best Value Japanese) Yasaka Scissors
  2. (Best Quality and Value) Juntetsu Scissors
  3. (Best German) Jaguar Scissors
  4. (Best Unique Designs) Kamisori Shears
  5. (Highest Quality) Fuji MoreZ Scissors
  6. (Best All-Round) Joewell Scissors
  7. (Best Priced) Ichiro Scissors
  8. (Best for Beginners & Home-Use) Mina Scissors
  9. Hikari Shears
  10. Kasho Shears
  11. Feather Scissors & Razors

We would love to hear from you if we missed any of your favourite brands of hairdressing scissors for barbers, home-use, beginners, apprentices, or hairdressers.

Are you able to cut your hair with regular scissors?

The significant difference between regular scissors and haircutting scissors is the size of their blades.

A pair of kitchen scissors will have sharper blades because they are designed to cut and not tear.

Haircutting shears are specifically designed to smooth cut through hair. This requires sharper and thinner blade edges.

There are two types of scissors: regular scissors and hair scissors. The handle and position of your hands while cutting is what makes the difference.

You will need to use more force in cutting and tearing; kitchen, fabric, and craft scissors have larger handles. The sharpened blades of hair scissors have smaller handles and cut through hair easily.

The sharpness of scissors blades can also vary between regular and hair scissors.

The blades of slicing hair scissors are more refined and more delicate than regular kitchen shears. They have sharp, jagged edges designed to cut through meat and other vegetables.

Ordinary scissors can be used if they're sharp enough, but they don't always work well. They twist your hair instead of trimming it. Depending on how long you have to trim it off, it might take some time due to dull scissors.

Use scissors with care at home. Try to trim and not style your hair.

The blades of scissors become dull quickly. It doesn't take much to make them blunt or damage the paper.

Standard scissors are used for trimming hair. They can damage the hair's closures and make them part. They aren't usually as sharp as styling scissors, so they sort the hair before trimming.

It can be challenging to make a straight cut using scissors. Because the edge isn’t as sharp, they push the hair towards the ends when you crush them close, rather than trimming every hair exactly where it was pulled to.

This causes hair to fall out and ends that are split, damaged and rough. After regular scissors have damaged your hair, you will need to visit a hairdresser or salon to fix it.

Why is hairdressing so expensive?

Hairdressing scissors and other barber shears are more expensive because of the steel used to make them.

Premium stainless steel is used for hair scissors because it's the only material that can hold a sharp blade long enough to cut hair.

Cheaper hair scissors below $100 often use low-quality steel that damages hair and tears it. The cutting edge isn’t sharp enough to be used for hairdressing or barbering.

How can I maintain and sharpen my scissors for hair?

The hair scissors should not be used at home or at work while they are still damp. Use a good quality oil to oil your hair scissors at least once a week. This will improve the quality of your scissors and prevent them from rusting.

You should wash your barber and hairdresser tools at the end of each day, then dry them thoroughly and then oil them before you put them away.

Warm water is best for hair. After soaking, rinse off the water and use scissors to clean your hair. Finally, dry your hair and then scrub it with a towel.

After drying your hair, oil the scissors between the two blades.

Remember that the more expensive the scissors, the more fragile and fragile they can become.

Hair scissors must be made of hardened steel to ensure a sharp edge. The more complicated the steel is, the more likely it will crack from physical damage.

Dropping scissors with an ultra-fine edge on the ground or hard surfaces can cause them to break. To protect expensive scissors, most hairdressers, hairstylists and barbers will use a pouch or case, holster, or wallet.

  • To prevent corrosion (rust) and physical damage, keep the scissors dry.
  • Do not leave your hairdressing scissors unprotected in your bag. Bag damage is the most common reason scissors get damaged.
  • After drying the scissors, apply a few drops oil to the blades.
  • Hold the scissors at the handle. When using hair scissors, ensure that your hands are clean.
  • After the client has washed their hair, you can begin trimming or cutting their hair. Clear hair is less likely to catch in your scissors.
  • To avoid any physical injury, place the scissors in a safe place or on a stand.
  • Use a paper towel or a brush to clean the scissors.
  • Do not trim any other material than hair, and do not use paper to trim it.
  • When trimming your hair, make sure you use the scissors correctly.

What is the Average Cost of Hairdressing & Barber Scissors

Given the number of models, brands, and styles available each year, how much should barbers and hairdressers expect to spend on scissors?

We need to understand what kinds of shears are on offer to determine how much barbers and hairdressers spend on scissors. These are:

  • The price range for cutting scissors is $100 to $500
  • Thinners are available in a range of prices, from $100 to $500
  • 100+ stainless steel scissors
  • 200+ 440c steel scissors available at $200+
  • The price for VG10 steel scissors is $300+
  • Cobalt-steel scissors cost $600+
  • There are many more...

A pair of scissors or cutting or thinning tools for new apprentices or students hairdressers or barbers will cost between $100 and $250.

Professional hairdressers and barbers can expect to pay between $150-$1000 for a pair or two of cutting or thinning tools.

You will pay more than $500 for a pair of premium shoes that will last a lifetime.

Hairdressers usually charge $150 for a cut and thinning.

When asked how much they pay for haircutting scissors, the answer is between $100 and $300. They charge between $100-300. This will get you professional hair-cutting, thinning, and texturing scissors.

Barber shears are usually longer, so most people expect to spend more. However, they generally cost the same as smaller hairdressing scissors.

Barber scissors can be used with any over-the-comb technique and costs between $150 to $300.

Premium barber scissors are priced at around $500. They usually have a 3D convex blade and offset ergonomics.

A pair of scissors that cuts hair quickly is ergonomically correct and lasts a while is what hairdressers are looking for. These hairdressing scissors will last longer if they are made of high-quality steel.

The best way to hold your scissors while cutting hair

There are many ways to hold your hairdressing scissors. The most popular is the western tradition. Properly holding your hair scissors allows you to remove pressure from your wrist and fingers. It also makes it easier to cut hair with more control.

These are the steps for holding hairdressing scissors

  1. Place your scissor hook towards the ceiling with the facing up. Ring finger in the smaller finger hole.
  2. Place your thumb in the larger hole of the scissors.
  3. Your middle and index fingers should rest on the handle's upper portion.
  4. To open and close the cutting shears, use your thumb

The Australian hairdressing scissor and barber shears market is larger than ever before, but how do you know what pair to choose with more stores selling online with new brands appearing every year?

How To Choose Hairdressing Scissors

Choosing hairdressing scissors depends on what you will use them for. If you are cutting hair for your family, then a simple pair will suffice, but if you are a professional cutting day in day out, then you will need to choose a pair that will last, that will cut sharp with no tugging or pulling and find a pair that suits your budget. Check out this blog for the difference between German and Japanese hairdressing scissors.

  1. Order your scissors from an Australian company
  2. Choose high quality steel (VG10, 440C etc.)
  3. When ordering online, make sure there is a return policy
  4. Made in Japan, Germany, Korea and Taiwan mean quality Scissors
  5. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Check these before buying

If you are looking to buy the best hairdressing scissors in Australia, or to understand the popular Japanese shear brands, or just to pick up a reliable pair of cutting scissors for home, then follow the above 5 rules when shopping online.

Where to Buy Scissors in Australia

Retail stores are disappearing and online stores are everything. Delivering hairdressing scissors from an online store has never been easier, but with so many options available how do you know what to choose? There are reliable sites like Japan Scissors, but we want to break down a few rules when shopping online for hair cutting scissors or barber shears.

  • A “no questions asked” return policy in case they don’t fit
  • Reviews on the site and their positive customer service
  • Warranty on the pair of scissors you are ordering
  • Shipping within Australia, not overseas
  • Legitimate names of steel used (440C, VG10 etc.) and not made up names like “Samurai Steel”
  • Active Social Media Presence that shows they are engaging with their community
  • AfterPay and ZipPay available

These are the first rules to finding a reliable online hairdressing supplier that will deliver quality service and solid products. There are a lot of cheap hairdressing scissors out there, but for a budget of $200-300, you should be able to find a quality pair that will keep cutting for years to come.

In the near future Scissor Hub will have a detailed catalogue of hairdressing scissor brands and online stores in Australia. This will provide you with a clean and straightforward solution to searching for a hairdressing brand and supplier that fits you.