Warranty & Exchange Guide

We know it can be difficult to shop online without photos and descriptions. Therefore, we offer a 7-day exchange or return policy (after receipt).

  1. No questions asked exchange available!
  2. Available for seven days from the date that the postage tracking arrives (delivered day)
  3. You can exchange your size, model, or refund

Please keep it in its original condition and contact us at hello@scissorhub.com.auFor return instructions, click here.

Scissor Hub offers a quick and straightforward 7-day return policy that allows our customers to try out their new scissors.

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All scissors purchased on our site come with a manufacturer warranty

  • Jaguar Germany Scissors comes with a 1-year warranty unless otherwise stated
  • Juntetsu Scissors offers a lifetime warranty
  • Yasaka Shears (Seiki) comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Ichiro Scissors offers a lifetime warranty
  • Mina Scissors comes with a 2-year warranty

Please get in touch with us if you find any manufacturing defects at hello@scissorhub.com.au

What are warranty defects?

  • Let us know if there is a problem with your product or if you aren't satisfied.
  • We adhere to the consumer law which defines our rights. Repair or replace (or part thereof) goods. We are able to provide a positive customer experience, and also ensure that you order with confidence.

Example of a Warranty

  • Sarah received a pair of Jaguar Scissors last night. Sarah goes to test them, but the screw is too loose and won't tighten. It keeps turning loosely over and over. She is worried and contacts the Scissor Hub team.
  • She returns the scissors to the address provided by the sender, placing them back in their original packaging. The Scissor Hub team receives them and inspects them. If there is a problem, they either fix it immediately or send another pair. Sarah receives the pair of working scissors and begins cutting without further complications.
  • You can exchange the scissors or get a replacement if you are unhappy with their sharpness within the first seven days. To have your blades perfectly sharpened, you can send the scissors to a scissor-sharpener after this time.

Additional warranty information

  • The Australian Consumer Law does not allow for exclusions of guarantees on goods. For major failures, you are entitled to replacement or refund and for damages or losses that can reasonably be foreseeable. If the goods are not of acceptable quality, you can have them repaired or replaced.
  • The Australian Consumer Law does not allow for exclusions of guarantees. You have the right to claim compensation for major service failures
    • You can cancel your service agreement with us.
    • To receive a refund or compensation for its diminished value
  • Additionally, you are entitled to compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss and damage.
  • If the failure is not a major one, you have the right to have the problem with the service fixed within a reasonable time. If this fails, you can cancel the contract and get a refund for any unused portions.
  • The Australian Consumer Law does not allow for exclusions of guarantees on goods and services. You have the right to claim compensation for major service failures
    • You can cancel your service agreement with us.
    • To receive a refund or compensation for the amount that was not used.
  • Major failures in goods can also be replaced or refunded. You have the right to request that the service or goods be repaired within a reasonable period of time if there is no major defect. You can request a refund for goods or cancel your contract for the service to get a refund of the unused portion. You can also be compensated for any other reasonably predicable loss or damage that results from the failure of the goods or services.

Warranty Exclusion

Warranty does not cover accidental damage, chemical damage (blunt blades), or damage to tension adjuster blades due to improper usage.
Our scissors are not covered by warranty for re-sharpening or damage from dropping them.

Warranty does not cover damage to your scissor blade edges, colouring, or tension by dropping, chipping, or over tightening. Also, care and maintenance of your scissors with chemicals, or following our care guidelines for sharpening are not covered.


Contact us at to discuss any returns. hello@scissorhub.com.au - Please let us know about the situation. The Warranty covers only manufacturer defects.

The faulty scissors must be returned to Scissor Hub with tracking information and information. The original packaging, including the contents (case, oil and thumb rings, etc.) must be returned in good condition.

Otherwise, a restocking fee may be imposed. They will be returned to you after they have been received. If there is a defect in the scissors' manufacture, we will arrange a replacement.


  • Scissor Hub understands that choosing the right pair of scissors online can be difficult. We offer a simple seven-day return policy. All original packaging and products must be returned in good condition (re-sellable) to the staff address.
  • Please contact hello@scissorhub.com.auFor any questions regarding how to exchange or return a product, please contact us.
  • Acceptance of a return depends on the original product and packaging condition.
  • We will be happy to answer your questions before you buy to ensure that you make the right choice.
  • The scissors will be inspected by us and, if they are in good condition, we will either exchange them for the ones that you have chosen or refund you.There is no 10% restocking fee. To exchange or return the scissors, any other party must agree on a restocking fee and replacement fee. Your refund will be processed within 3-5 business days from the date you purchased the scissors.
  • Get in touchhello@scissorhub.com.auFor any additional questions, please contact us.