Feather Razors & Blades Australia

Feather is the best supplier of professional shaving razors and styling razors in Australia! Made in Japan, Feather razor blades are ultra-sharp and made for professional shaving and styling in salons and barbershops.

Ask any hairdresser or barber in Australia and they will recommend Feather as the best and most reliable razor!

Feather Razor Blades fit into almost any shaving razor and texturizing/styling razor in Australia.

Feather Razor Summary Review

  • Made with Japanese steel
  • Professional Feather Shaving Razors
  • High-quality texturizing and styling razors
  • Ultra-sharp Feather blades that last longer
  • Made in Japan

Why Feather Razors Are The Best

Made in Japan, Feather razor products are made by Japanese blade professionals to produce the ultimate shaving and styling experience.

Feather razor blades are commonplace in barbershops, salons and hairdressers, as they are the oldest and most reliably produced shaving and styling razors in Australia.

Most people turn to the cheaper razors as they are the affordable choice, but Feather Razors blades can often be the best value option as they stay sharper longer, so you get more use out of them.

Hairdressers and barbers turn to Feather razor products to deliver a professional experience to their clients.

Feather razor blades are regarded in the shaving community as the sharpest blade around. Feather has a huge following of people that insist they are the best. … Made From Platinum Coated Stainless Steel; Double Edge Razor Blades Are Made From Platinum Coated Hi-Stainless Steel Which Retains…

How Many Shaves Do You Get From A Feather Blade? How long do Feather blades last?

On average, you will get three shaves for each Feather Razor Blade. After three shaves, the Feather Razor Blades can start to lose their sharpness as the edges on the blade become dull.

Cheaper shaving blades will give you one or two shaves. Feather Razor Blades are superior in quality and sharpness, so you can expect to get three shaves from each blade.

This may change depending on how much hair you have and the coarseness (thickness) of your hair. The thicker the hair, the faster the blades will become blunt or dull.

Feather blades last longer than most other blades, so if you have softer and less facial hair, you can get up to five or seven shaves. Feather Blades last as long as they are sharp.

Why Are Feather Razors So Expensive?

Feather Razor blades are more expensive than their cheaper counterparts that are made in China, India or Pakistan due to their premium quality and ultra-sharpness.

Japan is a first-world country with the ability to manufacture high-quality products, so when you buy a Feather Razor, you can expect a more professional experience.

Feather Razors are more expensive because they are made in Japan from premium steel with higher-quality assurance processes and ultra-sharp blade edges.

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