Black Hairdressing Scissors Australia

There are a lot of styles and colours to choose from when shopping for a new pair of hair scissors, but the most commonly bought is the Matte Black model.

There are many different kinds of black hair scissors with Matte Black and Polished Black Finish being at the top of the charts.

Rather than a plain silver, hot pink or dark green, most professional barbers and hairdressers choose a Black Coated hair scissor.

Simple styles and often the best, that’s why many professionals choose silver and black for the hair tools.

Matte black Hairdressing Scissors

Nowadays the technology around colour coating allows hair scissor brands to mix premium quality with a stylish and durable black coating design.

Australia’s Best Black Hair Scissor Collection

What more and more Australians are looking for when it come to Black Hair Scissors is:

  • quality and durable products
  • reliable and trustworthy brands
  • easy exchanges and returns from the stores

We’ve all had it where something breaks and its not worth your time to exchange it because of the store’s difficult process.

So we went out and did research into the best online stores that are customer friendly, make shopping easy and offer simple exchanges.

The best hair scissor brands that produce high-quality Matte Black and Black shears are:

  • Juntetsu: Premium VG10 Black Scissors
  • Jaguar: Artsy & Stylish Scissors
  • Ichiro: Great Value Black Scissors
  • Mina: Excellent Entry-Level Black Scissors
  • Kamisori: Premium Black Diamond Scissors

A great pair of black coated scissors should last you for many years, cut hair efficiently, and also are resistant to corrosion and general wear-and-tear.

Based on our research, Japan Scissors goes above and beyond for their customers, stocks great brands with different models of black hair shears for every budget.

Japan Scissors Black Scissor Collection

The polish black designs are a great example of how a pair of black scissors can shine as brightly as a pair of Rose Gold scissors.

Browse and let us know how you’re new pair of black scissors went!