Scissor Hub offers a wide selection of Scissors Sets and Kits. High-quality Japanese and German cutting & thinning tools are available for professionals and apprentices!

These hairdressing kits and sets are increasing in popularity due to their lower price and complete package, allowing you to take care of all your needs and maintain your scissors.

Hairdressing requires many tools. Hairdressing is not something you can do with just a single comb and a scissor.

A hairdresser must have the right skills and the tools to do the job. While the primary means for hairdressing are scissors, it is essential to note many types of scissors. Each one has its role.

Some scissors are only designed to cut hair and reduce its length, while others can thin hair and reduce its volume.

There are no one-size-fits-all hair scissor kits that can be used for every job. This is why every hairdresser needs a variety of special hairdressing scissor sets to ensure they are able to deal with any situation.