Guide To Becoming a Self-Taught Barber

September 08, 2021 8 min read

Guide To Becoming a Self-Taught Barber - Scissor Hub Australia

There are two methods to learn how to trim hair. You can either learn it yourself or attend a barber school. Self-teaching is the best option. This article will explain why.

How to become a self-taught barber

To become a skilled self-taught barber takes years. In addition, it is difficult to be proficient if you only cut your friends’ hair once per month.

You would be better off if you had a wide variety of haircuts to choose from every day.

To cut hair in the United States, you will need an apprentice barber license. You can get this license by attending a local barber school.

In Australia, Canada and New Zealand, you simply need to have the experience. Most people get this through a college, but you can be self-taught then get real work experience at a barbershop.

Barbers who are self-taught may be able to practice and train but will eventually need to complete an apprenticeship to get a license.

After completing a few months in barber school and obtaining your apprentice barber licensure, you can search for a barbershop on yelp.

You might find it helpful to read customer reviews about the barbershops that you are interested in.

Talk to the master and tell him all about your life journey and why you are so passionate about becoming a great barber.

Tell him you’ll help him in the shop. In the first month, you’ll be able to learn from him.

Ask questions. Ask the owner whether a chair is available. When cutting hair for real customers, confidence is key.

Confident but not too confident will make customers trust you. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, customers will be less trustful.

Doing is what makes you confident, so get involved in every aspect of customer interaction and barbershop.

Before you can give your customer what they want, it is essential to get to know them. You can do this by taking a look at his current haircut. To determine if he is due, ask him how long ago he had his last haircut.

Each month, hair grows about half an inch. The best way to learn is by watching your master barber consult new clients.

What are the key factors that will affect your decision to become an barber?

It is up to you to decide whether to study barbershop or to teach yourself.


Our decisions can be influenced by money. Be mindful of your finances when deciding your learning path.

An average barbershop school costs between $1000000 and $20000. The cost of a barbershop school depends on many factors including its length and the state requirements.

Self-teaching is a way to save money and be able to teach yourself.

Time management

You must attend barber school for at least 1500 hours. This takes approximately ten months. It is a significant commitment and many people don’t have the time.


If you’re just starting your hobby, you can learn how to do hair cuts by yourself.


Flexibility is crucial when choosing between self-teaching and a barber school. Self-learning gives you the flexibility to learn how to cut hair at a pace that suits your needs.

The course requirements must be learned at the barber school.

You can decide if you want to learn hair-cutting techniques at school or at home.

How do I make money as an self-taught barber

It is possible to make decent income as an amateur hairdresser. To make money as a hairdresser, you will need to master a few skills. These are the essential skills you’ll need to master.

Be a great barber!

To make money, you must be proficient in your chosen skill. It is also important to be proficient in your field. Although you can learn to barber for free, it is important to constantly improve your skills.

Learn by practicing consistently

Consistency is the most important characteristic of a business. Customers judge you on your character. True to your word is also important.

If you are consistent with your word, you can only build a reputation for being a great barber. Your success is dependent on your consistency.

How to Market Yourself

In this age of technology and social media, marketing is highly valued. It is essential to market yourself and your work in order to gain clients and fame.

Let the world see pictures of haircuts you’ve given customers. Customer satisfaction should always be your top priority. Customer satisfaction must be your first priority. These tips will help you become a successful barber.

Learn barbering

If you’re passionate about something and have the right gift, any skill you can acquire will benefit you in the future.

What income can you make

Income is the most important factor when it comes to learning any skill for free. If you are a college student and wish to reduce your costs, learning a skill free of charge is the best choice. If you’re able to learn a skill such as cutting hairs, there are other options.

You can make this a full-time job. It can be further developed. To make a side income, learn hair cutting skills. This skill can be learned for free, which can help you reduce your financial burden.

You get all income from the skill, and you can share it or divide it.

You can work where and how you want

You can learn a skill by yourself and become your boss. You don’t have to answer every question. Your barbershop will be run by you.

There are also free options to learn how to trim your hair. To cut your hair, you don’t have to visit a barbershop. It’s like getting your hair done at home when all the barbershops close.

If you want to be more flexible, you can learn how to cut hair for free. You have the following options if you want to be a self-taught barber.

You can choose which customers and in what amount you want to serve.

Scheduling clients

As a self-taught barber, you can also schedule appointments for customers. All appointments can be made at your convenience.

When you start working in a barbershop, you will need to work some hours. There are always good and bad days, just like any business.

The best barbershops offer flexible hours, while others don’t permit you to work weekends, Friday nights, or on public holidays.

How to become a barber at your home

You have the option to choose how fast you want to learn to be a barber. You can choose how much knowledge and how long it takes to learn.

It is always a smart idea to ask yourself whether you truly want to do this. If you don’t have any interest in cutting hairs, you will be frustrated.

How to be a self-taught barber

These are some tips to help you learn when you want to learn how to do your hair. These are essential items to help you start your journey to learning how to cut your own hair.


Success in any endeavor is dependent on confidence. To increase your confidence, you can also practice this technique.

It is essential that you have experience styling hair. Both self-learning and practical experience can help you feel confident. Be prepared, but don’t expect perfection.

Volunteers needed to practice

To practice your learning, you need hair. You will need to find volunteers. Referring volunteers can help seniors homes and their families get haircuts for free.

These are the keys to becoming a great barber. Only one step is required. Then, keep going with determination.

To learn online, you will need an internet connection

To take your free class, you will need to have an internet connection and a compatible phone. Access to the wide range of information via podcasts, videos, articles, and other media is possible only through the internet.

Any device can be used, but ensure it is capable to handle the information that you have stored.

You need to have the willpower to make it through the tough days

Nothing can be achieved in this world without your willpower, determination, and motivation. Willpower will keep you going through tough times and keep you positive.

Keep track of your thoughts, experiences and ideas

Learning a skill that is not as well-known can be a great idea. Get a pen and paper to learn barbering. Keep track of everything you’ve learned so that you can keep all the details.

Have fun learning. Be patient

Learning a new skill can be frustrating. It will be necessary to search the internet for answers to your questions. It is possible to feel frustrated while learning how you can cut your hair free of charge.

Remember that you’re doing this for a reason. It’s possible to still have fun. It is important to remember that the journey to becoming barber is just as important as the end result.

You will need a pair of scissors.

You will not be able master your craft if you don’t have the right tools. Before you can begin your self-learning journey to master hair cutting techniques, you will need straight razors and edgeliners along with trimmers and shears.

Learning and study resources for becoming a barber

Do you want to learn how to trim hairs for free?

All the information you need to master barbering is available here. Learn how to cut hair online. These are just some of the many methods you can receive free lessons in hair-cutting.

Free online barbering courses

There are many resources that offer free and educational training courses for barbers. These are our top online barber classes

  • Jatai: Barber Online Education (FREE) - HERE!
  • Online Barber Courses, Classes and Training Programs - HERE!
  • Free Online Barber Training - HERE!

There are many others. It is best to learn the basics first and then create a plan to self-learn. These could be:

  • You can make a list of hair-cutting methods you are interested to learn.
  • Online videos and articles can be found on how to do it.
  • Write down the cutting process on paper to better understand it.
  • This is a new way to cut hair on mannequins.
  • This technique can also be applied to volunteers.


YouTube offers many tutorials on hair-cutting. These tutorials will teach you the basics, and then show how to do it in real life.

YouTube is a great resource for inspiration and learning how to barber. These are some of the best barber channels.

YouTube offers many tutorials but they can be confusing to those who are trying to learn how to cut hair. Start with the basics, then go to YouTube to learn more about specific styles.

Forums like Reddit

There are many forums for barbers on the Internet. These forums are a great way to exchange knowledge and experience as well as get valuable tips.

Forums can be a great way to find out about the latest hairstyles, and the best tools. These forums can be a great source of information.

Barbering Articles

Articles are an excellent way to learn information. Reading is a great way to retain information longer. Articles are a better way to learn than videos.

We recommend reading articles on hair cutting to gain a better understanding of the subject and learn how to do it.

Social following

Watching the work of fellow barbers can help you learn a lot. To get great tips, follow your favorite artists on social media. Social media marketing can be a great way for you to market your self-learning abilities.

Get professional haircuts

Visit the shop to learn more about barbershop skills. Any question you might have, the barber will be happy to answer it.

A professional barber can teach you a lot. You can learn valuable lessons by simply being quiet.

It is important that you pay attention to the most popular styles and practice them at home.

Keep practicing

Practice makes you a better barber. If you are a self-taught barber, it would be hard to find someone who is willing to let your cut their hair.

You are the one volunteer who is always available. You can practice the cutting technique by using your strands. You can practice the technique with others once you are proficient.

All the resources listed above can be used to teach you how to cut your hair. You can use any of the resources to learn how to do hair cuts like a professional barber.

This skill can be learned online for a low price and you will still have to pay your expenses. Are you ready to be a barber?

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