Point Cutting | How To Point Cut Hair Like A Professional

September 28, 2021 7 min read

Point Cutting | How To Point Cut Hair Like A Professional - Scissor Hub Australia

Point cutting is among the hair cutting methods that can differentiate the boring haircut from an exhilarating one.

It is used for point cutting to texture the hair and remove large strands of hair from the edges , creating various layers of style that help the hair blend flawlessly and look stunning.

The point cutting technique is suitable for both female and male hair styling. Based on hair's thickness and texture the point cutting technique is applied to wet or dry hair and is used to fix any hair style or shape that doesn't seem to be appropriate.

How do you use using the technique of point cutting?

Both the tools and the knowledge are essential to learn hair cutting skills. First, you will require tools that can assist with point cutting and comparable types. These tools include:

  • A combinator
  • You can utilize 6.5-inch shears for barbering as well as any other dimension you feel at ease with and provides the greatest control.
  • A good chair
  • Mirror

The first step is to comb your hair into sections on the scalp. Make a slow comb of hair and then hold it vertically using your fingers about 6 cm from the tips.

Make sure there's sufficient space between you fingers and the top of the hair to ensure that you have enough hair for this method. Also ensure that you don't hold the hair to far from the tips to ensure that it doesn't lose its grip and make it difficult to apply texturing.

While keeping hair in the proper position. Holding hair in the correct place, use the opposite hand to hold your scissors, clipper or shears. Make sure to hold it in an upright posture in toward the hair section you're about to cut.

While using the scissors, it's important to keep in mind that your goal isn't to reduce the length of your hair however to smooth out the hair's tips. Therefore, you shouldn't be expected to remove a large piece of hair.

If you set your blade at a slight angle towards the hair you could remove more hair when you cut it It is therefore important to set your scissors correctly to ensure you limit what amount hair you cut off at each cut point, in order to achieve the style you want.

After you're finished with one piece of hair you can comb another area , and do the same process until you achieve the desired hair texture throughout the hair. Contrary to other hair texture methods, point cutting is lengthy because it requires cutting tiny portions of hair.

1. Place the scissors in the downwards position to about 45 degrees.

Keep the handle end of your scissors to the side to create a more textured look. To get the most effective point cutting effect that will give the hair an unruly layered appearance Make sure you don't lower your cutting blade below 45 degree angle.

2. Make a cut that is greater than 1 inch

After you've pinned your hair between your fingers (as described in the paragraphs above) cut the hair longer than 1/8 inch. Ideally, point cutting cuts off only one inch of hair however, you may need to cut anywhere from 1 and 2 inches to create an over-exaggerated look. When using this method, it's essential to limit the cut to the limit of 2 millimeters (5 centimeters).

Be sure to inform the client of how much hair you're cutting off prior to you begin.

3. Chop off the bottom layer of hair

Take a small piece of hair and place it between your fingers to create about 2 inches away from the tip. Instead of pulling hair upwards, as is done with short hair instead, let the hair hang down. After that, using your scissors, begin cutting upwards.

The reason to cut the tiniest layer of hair in this manner is to make it appear as straight lines.

Tips & Tricks For Point Haircutting

  • When you use the technique of point cutting it is essential be in a state of mind to work on tiny pieces of hair at one time. It is a lengthy process, and it is tempting to speed up and cut an even larger amount of hair however this isn't the best option. By taking it slow and cutting tiny portions of hair at a time will give the best results.
  • Be cautious when using scissors. Set your scissors parallel towards the ends of the hair Be careful not to insert it too far within the hair. This could put you at possibility of cutting yourself or the wrong piece of hair. Be aware that "slow steady, steady and careful" is the most effective approach to cutting your hair in a point.
  • It is also possible to use professionals cutting scissors, clippers or razors. When you use sheers, ensure the blades are long for a better cut.

How to Apply Point Haircutting Techniques for Medium and Short Long Hair

1. Wash and brush the hair

First wash and rinse your hair correctly. Then, comb the moist hair thoroughly to break loose any knots and then remove hair that has fallen. hair.

If you want to create a tight coiled and smooth hair Straighten and dry the hair prior to cutting.

2. Make a small swath that is about 5cm (2 inches)

Utilizing your hand that is not your dominant one using your non-dominant hand, comb about 2 inches (5 cm) of hair vertically. As long as the hair remains in the comb, tie your hair with your middle and forefinger.

With the scissors in your dominant hand, begin to work on the hair in circular motion.

Do not hold less than 2 inches once, since it can result in the hair to fall down and you may not have the perfect hair texture. Also, using less than 2 inches might not be the best way to get you the desired texture.

3. Set the scissors to the downwards

As opposed to normal cuts which require keeping the scissors straight the point cutting demands that you hold the scissors straight downwards, along the same axis as your finger.

The purpose of point cutting is not to cut down length but rather to reduce the bulk and create a beautiful texture. This is why you need move your scissors up and down.

4. Begin to trim off chunks of hair

Cut your hair you're holding, and cut approximately 1.25 inches (2.5cm). Then, move the scissors to 0.3cm and make another cut. Move the hairline down and repeat the process each time. Once you're finished you'll have created highs and valleys in the hair.

If you're looking for the standard point cut do not cut more than one inch of hair in order to not make the hair appear rough.

5. Cut from the bottom up

Beginning at the nape of your neck, start with a point cut that runs from the nape of the neck all the way to the sides. After that, work your way to the crown , and finally up to the top.

What are the reasons to avoid cutting your hair in a point?

Point cutting is an excellent idea for family or friends However, there are occasions that it won't work. The following situations are not suitable to use point cutting in:

  • When it is the case that the hair that the individual is extremely thin, it will be a bit difficult to find a suitable hairstyle.
  • If the user wants an elegant, minimalist hairstyle
  • If you're not a professional stylist do not trim your hair initially.

The point cutting technique can give texture and taste to your hair however it shouldn't be considered a standard method. Point cutting is not advised for the following reasons. Point cutting shouldn't be attempted if the customer's hair is excessively long or permed or hairy. If you are considering adding the texture, it's important to evaluate the situation.

Conclusion: What you should be aware of regarding point cutting techniques

The tools you have aren't enough. Also, you need to have perseverance. You will lose your patience as cutting with a point. If you're not patient the ends might appear rough and you could end up cutting your fingers. This can ruin the initial reason for the trimming. To ensure that your hair isn't swaying when you cut it the cut, it is necessary to be in a comfortable position.

The hairdressers of America USA are taught to apply their cutting point procedure as one the earliest and most crucial methods.

The point cutting process is process that is two-way. You can allow your hair hang as it is naturally, or pull it between your fingers and the middle fingers. You can quickly gauge the amount you've cut by grabbing your hair. You will be able to ensure that you don't cut any length more than you allow the hair hanging.

It is not a good idea to have your hair to look curly. Instead, you should measure your hair using a comb to draw straight lines. This is the most basic method of cutting hair at Salons! You can cut the hair using the point of the scissors. Be careful not to cut too deeply into your hair. They will appear lighter, but they shouldn't be necessarily shorter.

Every time you trim, cut as as much hair as possible. Once you have finished, take off the hair and then step back. Next, take a look at the hair before starting over. You are finished when the ends appear like they are natural.

It is possible to finish the procedure by looking in the mirror, if you cut hair yourself. hair your self. The client can view the finished product and hear their comments. It is possible to cut the hair once more if needed.

It doesn't matter if you're thick to get an ideal haircut. However, it is important to be able to position at your hair when cutting your hair. A quick cut will provide your hair an aesthetic appeal as well as reduce weight and create the apparent lines. Be careful when cutting your hair!