CBD Oil For RSI | Hairdressers & Barbers

September 07, 2021 3 min read

Crafted by a beautician and hair stylist is anything but a simple one, and there can be a wide range of work environment wounds.

The most well-known sort of working environment injury is the Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), and this comes from rehashing a similar movement of trimming hair with scissors with no rest or ergonomic help.

Australians are known to be hard workers, but modern salons, barbershops and hairdressers are focusing on working smarter and safer than every before! That is why common injuries like RSI and the therapeutic treatment of these injuries are so important.

Scissor brands have reacted to this issue by making more ergonomic handles, and furthermore advancement the utilization of balance style scissors for trimming hair.

The most well-known ergonomic handle is the counterbalanced style that permits you to have a firm yet characteristic and agreeable grasp.

There have been more current restorative medicines for the agony and stress brought about by RSI and other comparative wounds. The most well-known is therapeutic cannabis as CBD oil.

Cannabis Clinics in Australia are supporting and recommending working experts with wounds like these. The outcome is decreased agony, upgraded unwinding and an in general better personal satisfaction.

Since 2016, medical marijuana has become legal in Australia. That means that hairdressers and barbers with injuries and medical conditions that have existed for three months or longer are able to visit a medical cannabis clinic.

The medical cannabis clinics in Australia are staffed with professionals and specialists that are able to guide you through the process of gaining access to medicinal cannabis products. And most importantly, they are able to help you figure out if medical marijuana is suitable for you.

Self-prescribing or self-medicating is not a permanent solution. This is why medical cannabis is legal and you are able to work with medical professionals to receive the best support and treatment available.

Beauticians and hairdressers are current individuals, and they search for arrangements that are outside of the standard narcotic remedies found in many facilities.

Lessen Hand and Wrist Soreness: Apply HempBeauty Muscle Relax Pain Cream to pounding hands and wrists multiple times each day. Zero in on a humble amount into sore regions the morning before work. The extra strength cream with 125 mg of CBD will mitigate bothering while the immersing condition stacked with cell fortifications and aloe vera will help soothe shivering and soak dry, depleted skin. This cream is moreover ideal to meld into a nail trim or pedicure treatment!

Loosen up Back Pain: Cutting, washing and blow drying, can cause depleted muscles to get solidified and sore. Proceed onward the easing with HempBeauty Good Vibes Relief Roller. With 150 mg of CBD, this powerful liquid mix of CBD, lavender and magnesium invades significant into fragile tissue to offer assistance.

Alleviate Sore Soles: cosmetologists are on their feet for the duration of the day; pounding feet, lower legs and calves are normal sicknesses. Make a pass at moving some HempBeauty Just Chill Body Oil on to the lower part of tired feet and over calves. Rub the fragrant oil into the skin, zeroing in on beat centers and sore districts.

Loosen up and Rewind: The best way to deal with end a burdening day is to ingest a warm, relaxing up shower. Augmentation your zen by tossing in a HempBeauty Bath Bomb, which is rich in creams for your skin and enjoys the extra benefit of 35 mg of CBD, notwithstanding peppermint and eucalyptus oils to fortify and revive your resources.

Conclusion: is medical cannabis available for hairdressers and barbers in Australia?

Yes! Medicinal cannabis products like CBD and THC are available in Australia for patients in need. Hairdressers and barbers with medical conditions like RSI (repetitive strain injury) are able to consult with a specialist cananbis doctor to better understand how marijuana products can treat the pain and related symptons.

The future is now, and CBD oil is fast becoming an exciting medical treatment option for hairdressers, hairstylists and barbers in Australia!

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