Different Types Of Hairdressing Scissors

September 03, 2021 5 min read

Different Types Of Hairdressing Scissors - Scissor Hub Australia

Although you will come across various types of barbering as well as hairdressing scissors available on the market, have you ever thought regarding the purpose and usage for every one of them?

We will be answering plenty of questions regarding the various types of barbering shears and hairdressing scissors in the following paragraphs.

This article will come of use to you particularly in case you have an interest in:

  • Comprehending the differences that exist between the different types of hair scissors

  • Learning which particular hair cutting scissor is going to be appropriate for you

  • Learning which particular hair thinning scissor is going to be suitable for you

By now you should be able to have a basic understanding of the various types of scissors for hairdressing out there. Let us dive right into the article mentioned below!

Brief summary regarding the different types of scissors

Brief summary regarding the different types of scissors

We often wonder what the different types of scissors for hairdressing are available out there. Right now, we will be providing a proper answer to this particular question on your behalf!

You will come across different hairdressing scissors that will be appropriate for students, professionals, as well as home hairdressing buffs.

The various types of barbering, hairdressing, haircutting, as well as thinning scissors consist of the following:

  • Short blade haircutting scissors - These are quite well-known for most of the hairdressing techniques as well as precision haircutting.

  • Texturing thinning scissors - These are the most typical thinning scissors which usually consist of 30 to 40 teeth. These will be able to thin the majority of the hair uniformly with a cutaway of 40% to 50%.

  • Long blade haircutting scissors - These are quite well-known for the majority of the barbering techniques which include over the comb.

  • Wide tooth thinning chomping scissors - These scissors are appropriate for hair which is thick. This consists of somewhere between 16 and 20 teeth. Moreover, these come with a cutaway of 15% to 25% for hair which is curly and thick.

The different types of scissors that hairdressers use

  • Offset handle haircutting scissor - These are amongst the most well-known ergonomic hair scissors obtainable out there. They help to relax your wrist, elbow, as well as hand. These will also aid in reducing fatigue as well as RSI when hair is being cut.

  • Crane handle haircutting scissors - These are the most effective ergonomic design for individuals suffering from RSI and this will also help to cut hair for a long period of time without taking any rest.

  • Opposing handle haircutting scissors - These scissors are the conventional classic handle designs without any ergonomics.

  • Colour coated haircutting scissors - The color types for hairdressing scissor consist of rose gold, pink, matte black, rainbow, blue, as well as other different designs.

  • Swivel handle haircutting scissors - These types of scissors feature unique handles which will be able to rotate as well as swivel while the hair is being cut. These are ideal for individuals suffering from various strain injuries such as RSI.

These shear types as well as haircutting scissors help to define the techniques, the style, as well as the situation.

Therefore, in case you are a barber who is making use of over the comb methods, then you will require a sheer having a blade which is 7 inches in length. However, it is possible for any hairdresser in a particular salon to make use of a 5.5-inches offset type haircutting scissor for all of their haircutting methods.

Various types of hair cutting shears and scissors

  • Classic handle - This particular handle comes with a level which is flat. Both the rings are going to line up with one another and there is minimum ergonomics.

  • Offset handle - This handle comes with an angle which is slightly offset. The ring at the bottom is not going to align with the ring at the top. Fantastic ergonomics.

  • Crane handle - In this case, the blade is absolutely straight. The ring at the bottom will be angled in a downward direction. This will provide the best ergonomics for minimizing fatigue during cutting.

You will come across quite a few types of shears which are used for cutting, thinning, texturing, as well as chunking hair. The types of haircutting scissors are considered to be the most well-known as well as useful shear.

The types of haircutting barber scissors are going to differ to a great extent which will depend largely on the hairdresser, the styles and techniques, as well as the hair of the client and situation.

Scissors which are left-handed and those which are right-handed come with different handles, and it will not be a sensible idea for a lefty to use a scissor which is right-handed.

The different types of barber and hairdressing shears allow for various hairstyling methods. Every single pair might be better at various haircutting techniques.

For example, shears having long blades will be a better option when it comes to over the comb haircutting techniques.

An extensive variety of various styles of haircutting scissors differ in terms of appearance. Satin finishing, basic polish, color coating, and so on.

The handles of the scissors are responsible for dictating the ergonomics of every single pair. Crane as well as offset handles are considered to be the most effective ergonomic types of scissors for minimizing fatigue.

Standard thumb haircutting scissors also come with reversible as well as detachable finger rests which can be fastened to the grips.

In the following paragraphs, we will mention each hairdressing scissor-type as well as barber shear-type for comprehending which particular pair is ideal for you!

  • Short blade haircutting scissors - These types of scissors are between 4 inches and 5.5 inches in size. The blade which is shorter will be able to handle the majority of the hair techniques out there. These are appropriate for the hairstylists whose hands are smaller.

  • Long blade haircutting scissors - Haircutting scissors featuring short blades are between 6 inches and 7.5 inches in size. The blade which is longer will be able to handle the majority of the hair techniques out there. These are appropriate for hairstylists whose hands are larger.

  • Texturizing thinning scissors - These types of scissors come with 30 to 40 teeth which are able to thin out the hair gradually. The thinning scissors having 40 teeth are the most well-known tool for thinning hair. Every single tooth comes with a blade which is V-shaped. The sharp teeth will help to make sure that every single thinning motion is accurate.

  • Wide chomping thinning scissors - Thinning scissors for hairdressing are available in various numbers of teeth. These types of scissors will be able to take out more chunks in case the teeth are lesser in numbers. These scissors typically feature somewhere between 10 and 20 teeth which are V-shaped and are usually employed for hair which is thicker. While going through thick and long curly hair using a texturizing scissor having 40 teeth, you will be able to comprehend the reason why the chomping thinning haircutting scissors are extremely beneficial.

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