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September 03, 2021 6 min read

Guide To The Best Hairdressing Scissors - Scissor Hub Australia

Every professional hair stylist knows that having the perfect pair of high-quality hairdressing scissors or shears can make or break a desired hair style.

Being skilled is important, but if you don’t have the right equipment, the job will not only take much longer, but will cause a strain on the stylist and perhaps leave you with an unsatisfied client on your hands.

Professional hair stylist knows the importance of using a pair of comfortable high-quality hairdressing scissors.

They won’t settle for less or compromise their skill for equipment that is substandard.

Here at Scissors Hub, we sell all the top brands and have an extensive selection of top of the line hairdressing scissors and shears.

We specialize in making available the scissors professionals use daily, but anyone can use our products. Since everyone tasked with cutting hair may not professional, we make it our responsibility to provide as much information and as many resources as we can to help make the process as comfortable and as precisely done as possible.

Since we know that there are those who may not know as much about hair cutting scissors and shears as professionals do, we have provided “A Guide to all things haircutting scissors and shears.”

This guide will answer such questions as:

  • What are hairdressing scissors?
  • What are shears? How do they differ?
  • What types of scissors are out there?
  • Why can’t I cut hair with craft scissors?

What scissors you should use and the differences.

 Crafting Scissors Not Suitable For Hairdressing


For starters there are many different kinds of scissors that all have different uses. There are hairdressing scissors, craft scissors, fabrics scissors, sewing scissors and so many others.

If you have ever seen someone on YouTube cut their hair with those chunky, bright colored scissors, their hair never seems to come out like they intended. That’s because those are craft scissors and they are not made for cutting hair, they are made to cut paper.

Having the right kind of scissors is step one for cutting hair correctly.

Some of you may be wondering why you are advised not to cut yours or other people’s hair with craft scissors. In short, it will damage hair by tugging and pulling as you cut. If you are not familiar with the term craft scissor, they are the scissors you use to cut paper and generally use for crafts.

The reason craft scissors are not suggested for cutting hair is because the blades were not made to cut hair and won’t provide desired results. Because the blades on craft scissors are not created for the express purpose of cutting hair, they can damage the ends of the hair making necessary to cut off more length than necessary.

This may result in another stylist, with the correct cutting equipment, having more difficulty trying to fix the problems created later. What you will be needing are shears or hairdressing scissors.

Hairdressing scissors are made to cut hair. It is really as simple as that.

 Hairdressing Scissors By Ichiro Shears


The way the blades are made and the variety of blades gives the hair cutter options and opportunities to use certain techniques. There are different types of hairdressing scissors like wide-tooth thinning scissors or blending/texture scissors. These different types of shears and hairdressing scissors are all used to achieve different styles.

Shears are a type of hairdressing scissor. They come with different types of blades for performing different types of hair cutting techniques. Shears range in size anywhere from 5 to 7 inches.

One type of shears called “texturizing shears” which has a comb looking blade on one side and a regular blade on the other. These shears are used to thin the hair out or to layer the hair.

Shears are very similar to hairdressing scissors, but the main difference is the size. Shears are typically longer than regular hairdressing scissors.

The length of the shears comes from having longer blades than hairdressing scissors. Like mentioned above, shears are usually between 5 and 9 inches while hairdressing scissors are between 3 to 6 inches.

How to choose hairdressing scissors or shears.

At Scissors Hub we have everything you need and plenty of options to choose from so you can be the best hair cutter possible. We have quality hairdressing scissors and shears that will not leave you disappointed.

Good quality equipment does not take the place of skill; however, skill can only be enhanced with good quality equipment.

If you are new to the hair cutting world, it can be difficult knowing which hairdressing scissors are best for you. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when choosing the right pair of hairdressing scissors or shears. You should first be considering what kind of haircuts you will be performing. This will determine the size of scissors you will need, because different sizes are used for different techniques.

Next you need to be aware of the different shapes of hair dressing scissors that are available. The different hairdressing scissor shapes are classic, offset and crane. Each of these different shapes feel different for everyone and knowing which one is comfortable for you is key. The shape should supply not only comfort but should keep your hand from fatiguing during a long haircutting session. Everybody is different, so this step is one you will need to check out for yourself.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is the quality of your haircutting scissor.

The quality will determine how often they will need to be serviced and how long of a life they will have overall.

The factors to consider when in search of a quality pair of hairdressing scissors are: durability, and craftsmanship. By durability we mean, how the scissors were made, and the material used to make them. You need scissors that are crafted with the highest quality materials. You also want very durable hairdressing scissors that won’t rust easily or get dull quickly. It is important to know whether the scissors were handmade or made by a machine.

Handmade scissors are preferable because they tend to be the best regarding quality. Stainless-steel is a good material to look for. If made correctly, the shears should be easy to open and should deliver a smooth cut.

What are certain scissors used for?

 Hairdressing Thinning Scissors By Juntetsu Scissors


Like mentioned before, there are different kinds of hairdressing scissors that are crafted to perform different techniques. Short-bladed cutting scissors, swivel scissors, wide-tooth thinner scissors, long-bladed baring scissors and blending or texturizing scissors.

Most techniques can be accomplished with the long or short bladed scissor (depending on comfort and length of hair). The thinning scissors are great for a quicker and more precise job, but with practice can be done with the other scissors.

It’s all about how easy or intricate you want your hairdressing technique to be. Choosing what is best for you and the kind of haircuts you will be performing is essential.

If you are not familiar with thinning or texturizing shears, here is a little explanation. Normal bladed scissors make precise and straight cuts into the hair. When you use texturizing scissors, you are able to soften the sharp look that regular hairdressing scissors can leave behind.

Thinning scissors can also take away some of the density of the hair and give more of a layered look.

Quality is going to cost, but it is worth it in the end.

We have probably gotten to the section of this blog where you are wondering how much hairdressing scissors cost. Especially right after I said “quality is going to cost”. But lucky for you, Scissors Hub has great prices for amazing quality.

We even have a clearance section for the beginners who aren’t quite ready to invest several hundred dollars in a pair of scissors just yet.

But even in the clearance section you will not be sacrificing quality. We have plenty of options and a wide range of prices that will fit anyone’s budget.

Just like anything else in life, having the proper tools will make the job easier and more enjoyable. But not having the right tools can cause a myriad of problems that make cutting hair less enjoyable and a much less rewarding career than it could be.

An example of this is the strain that not having the right scissor can cause on your wrists. Consistent and prolonged strain on your wrists can cause medical issues and chronic pain. So the importance of having high quality and appropriate scissors is as good for your health as it is for the hair.

In the end quality and comfort should be your main concern in choosing the best pair of hairdressing scissor or shears for you. There are plenty of options here at Scissors Hub and plenty of information for you to make the most informed decision.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to educate yourself. Knowing more about hair scissors and shears will improve your knowledge base, which almost always results in improved practice.

We hope this information insured that you are more informed and now more capable of making the best choice of hair cutting equipment for your individual needs.

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