How Many Teeth Should a Thinning Scissor Have? Best Thinning Teeth

January 21, 2022 2 min read

How Many Teeth Should a Thinning Scissor Have? Best Thinning Teeth - Scissor Hub Australia

How many teeth should a thinning scissor have? This is a question that is often asked by those looking to buy a new pair of thinning scissors.

The answer, however, depends on the size of the scissors. Most thinning scissors come in 6" (six-inch) sizes, and these typically have 30-40 teeth. Larger or smaller thinning scissors will have more or fewer teeth, respectively. So why do different thinning scissors have different amounts of teeth?

The amount of teeth on a thinning scissor is important because it affects how well the scissors can thin hair. With too few teeth, the scissors will not remove enough hair with each cut, and the hair will end up looking uneven. However, with too many teeth, the scissors may become challenging to control and may cause damage to the hair.

When looking for a new pair of thinning scissors, it is important to consider the size and the number of teeth on the scissors. This will help ensure that you find a pair of scissors that can effectively thin your hair without causing any damage.

What is the most common thinning scissor (teeth) used by hairdressers in Australia?

There are thinning scissors with as little as 20 teeth. However, others have as many as 45 teeth. Some have teeth only on one blade, while others come with teeth that extend across both blades

Online scissor stores sell thinning shears that show as high as 50% of hair being cut off, whereas others only offer 15 per cent

What are the most effective shears for thin hair?

This is usually the primary issue people have when looking at shears that aren't as strong, and their method of operation isn't intuitive. This is because the more teeth a pair of thinning shears has, the more hair it thins, and less hair is taken out

Shears with fewer teeth, wider spacing and wider spacing take out more hair and larger pieces.

The shears that have 15 per cent removal will remove around 15 per cent of the hair between the blades using just one cut. There is also the possibility of getting additional 15% increments by using a variety of cuts. Because of this, even though you have fewer percentages, it is essential to ensure that you do not "overdo" it by using shears, or you may cause an effective hair removal.

Shears with a more significant number of teeth are typically used to blend and reduce the majority of hairstyles, particularly fine-to-medium, straight-to wavy hair types. This is likely the kind of hairstyle you're seeking. I'd suggest shears remove approximately 15 per cent of your hair per cut, as it is possible to cut off more, but you will not be allowed to place it back after cutting.

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