The Best Barber Scissor Stores

September 08, 2021 5 min read

The Best Barber Scissor Stores - Scissor Hub Australia

Today we will be discussing the top stores that sell professional barber hair scissors online.

When you are trying to start a barbershop or when you are trying to get new scissors for the barbershop, you need to find the best store that offers them.

Then you can easily purchase premium quality scissors, which would benefit your day to day work. Keep on reading and we will share all information about the top stores that are selling barber scissors as of now.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best barber scissors stores!

What are barber scissors?


A barber choosing a pair of scissors in Australia

Barber scissors are the scissors that professional barbers can use. When you take a look at barber scissors, you will notice that there are two main options available to consider. They include the French type scissors and German type scissors. The main difference is that the French style scissors are coming along with a brace, which you can use to rest your finger.

There are two blades in the barber scissors. Out of them, you can move one blade, while keeping the other one stationary.

There is a tension screw located at the middle of the scissor, which is acting as the pivot. The barber scissors are usually made out of tempered stainless steel to ensure durability and hardness

What to look for when buying scissors?

When you are about to buy barber scissors, you should pay your attention to numerous factors. Here are some of the most important factors to focus out of them.

Go for the right size

As you buy barber scissors, you need to ensure that you go ahead with the right size at all times. This is where you should be purchasing the most appropriate size according to the size of your hand.

Then you will be able to get a comfortable experience as you use the pair of scissors throughout the day.

Find the right handle

Even the handle of the scissors you buy would matter a lot for the results that you can get. Therefore, it is essential to look for scissors that offer the right handle. You need to make sure that the handle of scissors you buy are not in a position to strain your thumb.

Choose the best barber scissor brands

It is a must for you to stick to a reputed manufacturer when purchasing a pair of scissors. There are numerous brands that offer scissors, but not all of them can deliver the best results. Hence, you should always look for the best brand and stick to it.

Every barber scissor has a different purpose

You should carefully think about the nature of work that you do at the barbershop and purchase a pair of scissors accordingly.

The scissors you buy should be in a position to help you with the work that you do. For example, you will not be able to use the same scissor for thinning hair and texturing hair.

Find the best type of blade

You shouldn’t be ignoring the type of blade as you purchase a pair of scissors. If you are trying to get soft and smooth cuts, you should go for a scissor offering a convex edge. On the other hand, shears with a stiffer cut can help you when you are working on thick sections of hair.

The best stores that sell barber scissors

With the understanding that you have on how to locate the best barber scissors, let’s take a look at the best stores where you can buy them.

Japan Scissors

If you are trying to locate the best quality Japanese scissors, Japan Scissors is the place that you should take a look at.

This is where you can find numerous scissors made from the leading Japanese brands. You can get some exciting discounts with the scissors that you will be able to buy from here.

Browse barber scissors at

JP Scissors USA

JP Scissors is another store that specializes in offering Japanese scissors for the people who are in need.

All types of scissors offered by the Japanese brands are available for sale here in this store.

You will be able to stick to the professional scissors out of them and use them at your barbershop without keeping any second thoughts in mind.

Browse barber scissors at

Hair Scissors Australia

Hair Scissors Australia is offering some of the leading scissor brands to you in Australia.

In fact, you will get the opportunity to shop for scissors offered under brands such as Ichiro, Jaguar, Mina, and Joewell from this online store.

All information about the scissors available for sale are available, which can help you to make an informed decision and go ahead with the purchase.

Browse barber scissors at

Japan Shears

Japan Shears is offering a perfect collection of barber shears for the professionals who are based in Australia.

If you are looking forward to purchasing affordable and high-quality shears, this is the perfect place to shop for them.

You will be able to get shears from some of the leading brands such as Joewell and Yasaka from this store.

Browse barber scissors at

Barber Scissors Australia

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on purchasing shears, you should look for the scissors that are available for sale at Barber Scissors Australia.

At this store, you can locate shears from leading brands such Jaguar and Joewell. You can buy them without spending a fortune as per your preferences.

Browse barber scissors at

Japan Scissors Shop Canada

Japan Scissors Shop Canada offers professional quality barber shears for the hairstylists who come from Canada.

It is having the best collection of barber shears that anyone from Canada can purchase as of now.

Therefore, you will be able to end up with getting the best results from shears that are available for sale in this store.

Browse barber scissors at

Barber Scissor Shops Speed Round

There are plenty of extra barber scissor and shear stores that sell professional brands online! Here we have an extra list of the best, new and upcoming barber scissor stores used by professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Final words

If you can look for barber shears in these stores, you will never end up with any disappointment. That’s because you can easily locate the best quality barber shears that match with your preferences in here. After purchasing what is available for sale, you can take your career to the next level.

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