What Should I Look For in Hair Scissors?

September 08, 2021 5 min read

What Should I Look For in Hair Scissors? - Scissor Hub Australia

The process you should follow when purchasing hair cutting scissors is quite complicated. That’s because you can find numerous types of hair cutting scissors available for sale.

Hence, you will be confused on what you should be purchasing. This is where we thought of putting up a guide, which you can refer to when purchasing the best hair cutting scissors available in the market.

By going through the facts, we share, you can go for the right decision and purchase the best shears available for your use out there.

Understand the different types of hair scissors

The very first thing you should consider when purchasing hair cutting scissors is to figure out what the different types of them available. Then you can pick the best type that matches with your preferences and buy. Here are the most common types of shears available for purchase out there as of now.

What to look for in Thinning scissors

Thinning scissors look pretty much similar to the ordinary shears, but you will be using them for thinning.

They come along with loops that you can use for the index finger and thumb. Thinning scissors are available for both right handed and left handed hairstylists out there.

The most prominent feature you will notice in the thinning shears is that they come along with a large number of teeth. In fact, the number of teeth in these shears would define how much hair you will be able to take away.

If you want to remove around 40% to 70% of hair, you should be purchasing thinning scissors that offer around 25 teeth to 30 teeth.

Texturising and blending shears scissors

Blending scissors are used for hair texturizing. Due to the same reason, you can even call them as hair texturizing scissors available for purchase. These scissors are different from the thinning scissors that you can buy.

That’s because you will be able to find a loop for the index finger and a single blade at the top. You will not be able to get any cutting motions out of this kind of a scissor.

Instead, you will be able to create textured cuts while using this. The razor scissors are quite popular among people because of their ability to deliver natural textures to the users.

Haircutting scissors

Regular scissors are the ordinary hair cutting scissors that you can purchase. In fact, these scissors are similar to the ones that you have at home as well. They vary in length between 4.5 inches and 6.5 inches.

You should go through the different options and pick the best size as per your needs. In fact, you should be selecting the right size based on the comfort levels.

No matter what, you can get a precise hair cutting experience out of them.

What to look for when buying a hair scissor

Find the perfect size

As you go through hair cutting scissors available for sale, you will also notice that you can buy them in different sizes.

This is where you should pay special attention towards purchasing hair cutting scissors in the right size. Then you can continue to get the best experience delivered out of hair cutting scissors.

You will need to understand the size of your hand and figure out the best shears that match with it.

Taking your time to purchase perfectly sized shears would be a great investment that you can do because they can deliver a perfect experience to you in the long run.

Find the perfect handle

Similar to finding the perfect size of shears, you should also make sure that you are looking for the perfect handle. The handle of the hair cutting scissors you buy is responsible for the grip offered to you at the end of the day.

This is where you need to make sure that you are being provided with a comfortable grip by the shears that you buy.

If the hair cutting scissor you use strains the thumb, you cannot get the best experience out of it.

This is why you should be locating the perfect handle and go ahead with it. Make sure that you focus more on the size of your thumb and go for the right handle.

For example, people who have shorter thumbs will be able to get better results from shears that offer crane handles.

It is even better if you can buy hair cutting scissors that come along with rotating thumb holes. Then you can effectively reduce the amount of stress that is exerted on the hands. This will help you to ensure the comfort of your shoulder and neck at the end of the day.

Pick the best quality blades

As you purchase hair cutting scissors, you should never ignore the quality of blades that you receive. That’s because the overall quality of blades would determine the experience that you can receive out of it at the end of the day.

Anyone who wants to get a smooth and soft cut should purchase hair cutting scissors that come along with a convex or clamshell shaped blade. On the other hand, it will be able to deliver long lasting results to you with sharpening as well.

There are some specialized blades available for purchase among hair cutting scissors. Depending on your specific requirements, you may take a look at these blades and go ahead with finding the best option.

Choose to a reputed brand

No matter what you purchase, it is extremely important to stick to a reputed brand as you purchase hair cutting scissors.

Then you will be getting the most premium experience out of the hair cutting scissors that you use. The brand you stick to would ensure the quality and satisfaction offered along with the hair cutting scissors.


Make sure that you keep all these tips in mind when you are hunting for the best hair cutting scissors available out there. Then you can end up with getting the best shears available out there.

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