Jaguar Satin Plus Hair Thinning Scissors

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  • Features
STEEL Stainless Chromium Steel
SIZE 5.5" and 6.5"
CUTTING EDGE Micro-serration
BLADE 40 Teeth & 46 Teeth Thinning Scissors
FINISH Satin Finish
WEIGHT 33g(5.5") & 52g(6.5")
  • Description

Jaguar Satin Plus Hair Thinning Scissors - Elevate your styling with precision-engineered scissors for professional texturizing and thinning.

  • Ergonomic Traditional Handles: Designed for comfort and ease, ensuring a natural grip during use.
  • Sharp Prism-Shaped Teeth: Facilitates effortless texturizing and thinning with precise control.
  • Variable Thinning Options: Available in 5" and 6.5" models, with 40 to 46 teeth configurations for customized thinning intensity.
  • German Craftsmanship: High-quality design and premium steel construction for lasting durability and sharpness.
  • Trusted by Professionals: A favored choice among hairdressers and barbers across Australia for its reliable performance.

Discover the superior quality of Jaguar Satin Plus Hair Thinning Scissors, crafted in Germany to enhance your professional toolkit.

  • Professional Opinion

"Jaguar Satin Plus Scissors are perfect for achieving detailed texturizing and seamless thinning, allowing for a wide range of creative styling techniques with ease."

This includes a pair of Jaguar Satin Plus Hair Thinning Scissors.