Hair Cutting Scissors Australia

Understanding the Differences Between Regular Scissors and Haircutting Scissors:
  • Material: Haircutting scissors are crafted from high-quality, hardened steel. This allows the formation of a much sharper convex blade compared to regular scissors.
  • Design: These scissors are designed with comfortable ergonomic handles to reduce fatigue during use.
Choosing Your Haircutting Scissors:

When selecting a pair of haircutting scissors, ensure you opt for scissors that have been meticulously engineered. This page covers the best selection of hair-cutting scissors available in Australia.

Affordable Quality:

At Scissor Hub Australia, we offer hair-cutting scissors that are more affordable than anywhere else in Australia. Our shears, constructed from high-quality Japanese or German steel, are designed for precision hair-cutting.

Scissors for Home Use:

For basic home hair cutting, a pair of stainless steel scissors with a simple bevel-edge blade is sufficient. These scissors are available for purchase within a budget range of $50 to $150.

Scissors for Students and Apprentices:

If you're a student or apprentice, it is essential to choose scissors made from superior quality hardened steel. They should feature a convex edge blade that measures between 4" and 6" inches. Expect these scissors to be priced between $150 and $250.