The thinning shears/shears we offer are made of premium Japanese or German steel and designed by industry professionals. Japan Scissors imports well-known brands' hair thinning scissors.

The hairdresser/barber can create textured/layered looks with our thinning scissors. This is a must-have for any modern hairstyle. Our thinning scissors have a high level of precision and are durable. This allows for a consistently clean cut that can be used to create any layering effect.

Each shear features ergonomic handle designs ranging from crane handles to offset, giving you a maximum amount of comfort and control all day long.


Texturizing and hair thinning shears are the most commonly used tools in barbershops, hairdressers, and salons.

Thinning scissors have sharp teeth on one side and normal cutting blades on the other. These thinning scissors blades can only remove hair caught between the teeth in each cut motion.

These scissors are used primarily to trim curly and thick hair.

We supply right and left-handed thinning scissors, available in a range of unique and efficient styles; Stainless steel, rainbow chrome, various prints, rose gold, and matte black designs.

All of our thinning scissors are hand-crafted by industry professionals and require little maintenance to ensure that these must-have tools are a reliable shear year in and year out.

Japan Scissors is dedicated to providing you with the best thinning scissors available. They are perfect for creating any texturizing effect that your heart desires. If you are looking for a thinning shear other than what is shown here, please contact us. A team member will be glad to assist.


There are two ways to buy hair thinning scissors: online or in a physical retail store.

Online shopping is the best way to find scissors at great prices. They ship directly from the warehouse right to your door.

There are three types of hair thinning scissors available at different prices.

  • Thinning scissors for home hairdressers ($50-150).
  • Hair thinning scissors for students and apprentices ($100-250).
  • Professional hair thinning scissors (150-500).

There are several types of hair-thinning scissors that you can purchase.

  • 40% of 40 Teeth can be cut off
  • An estimated 35% reduction in 30 teeth is possible
  • An estimated 25% reduction in 20 teeth is possible
  • 16 Teeth are an estimated 15% cutaway

You may need to use different thinning scissors depending on the thickness of your hair.

These thinning scissors are typically available in 6 inches but can also be ordered in 5" or 6.5 inches.