Ichiro Pastel Pink Hair Cutting Scissor

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Left or Right Handed
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STEEL 440C Hardened Steel
HARDNESS 60HRC (Read More)
QUALITY RATING ★★★★ Excellent!
SIZE 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5" and 7.0" Inch
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge
BLADE Convex Edge Blade
FINISH Pastel Pink Allergy-Neutral Colour Coating
EXTRAS INCLUDES Scissor Pouch, Razor, Oil Brush, Cloth, Finger Inserts & Tension Key

Transform Your Styling Sessions with the Ichiro Pastel Pink Hair Cutting Scissor. This artisan crafted tool is designed to provide top-notch functionality and flair, making every cut an artistic statement.

Embrace Exceptional Quality and Durability with every cut. The scissors are meticulously crafted from superior 440C hardened steel, renowned for its perfect balance between sharpness and resilience. This assures a longer-lasting cutting edge and consistent precision, making every haircut a masterpiece.

Experience Optimal Comfort and Precision with the offset handle design. This ergonomic feature significantly reduces hand and wrist strain, empowering you to work for extended periods with minimal fatigue. The cutting-edge tension system provides stability to the scissor blades, ensuring a seamless cutting experience while enhancing the longevity of your tool.

Craft Striking Styles with the versatility offered by the Ichiro Pastel Pink Hair Cutting Scissor. The slice cutting edge and convex edge blade are perfect for slice cutting, blunt cutting, point cutting, and scissor over comb techniques, enabling you to unleash your creativity and achieve a diverse range of looks.

Invest in a Comprehensive Styling Solution - The Ichiro Pastel Pink Hair Cutting Scissor package goes beyond the essentials. In addition to the scissors, you'll receive a scissor pouch, a feathering razor, oil brush, cleaning cloth, finger inserts, and a tension key. It's a complete package designed to serve professional hairdressers, students, and home users alike.

Enhance Your Performance and Comfort with the Ichiro Pastel Pink Hair Cutting Scissors. Elevate your hairdressing experience by minimizing strain injuries while ensuring precision and comfort during extended use. Embark on a new level of craftmanship today with Scissor Hub Australia.