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Ichiro Rose Gold Cutting Scissors

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Left or Right Handed
  • Product Features
STEEL 440C Steel
HARDNESS 58-60HRC (Learn More)
QUALITY RATING ★★★★ Excellent!
SIZE 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5", and 7.0" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge
BLADE Convex Edge Blade
FINISH Pink Rose Gold Polished Finish
EXTRAS INCLUDE Scissor Case, Feathering Razor, Finger Inserts, Oil Brush, Cloth, and Tension Key
  • Product Description

Reimagine Professional Hair Styling with the Ichiro Rose Gold Cutting Scissors. These high-quality hair scissors are crafted with precision using cutting-edge technology, delivering reliable performance, comfortable ergonomics, and a sharp cutting edge. Experience the perfect balance of functionality and style with Ichiro.

Uncompromising Quality and Durability are the foundations of Ichiro Scissors. Constructed with superior 440C steel, these scissors offer exceptional durability and sharpness. The high-grade steel ensures a longer-lasting cutting edge, allowing for consistently precise cuts. Say goodbye to frequent sharpening and hello to effortless hair cutting.

Experience Enhanced Comfort and Precision with the offset handle design of the Ichiro Rose Gold Cutting Scissors. The ergonomic shape reduces hand and wrist strain, enabling you to work longer with less fatigue. The ball-bearing tension system provides stability to the shear blades, extending the lifespan of your tools and ensuring smooth, precise cuts every time.

Catalyze Your Creativity with the versatile tools in this set. It includes various sizes of cutting scissors to suit different hair lengths and styles. Additionally, it features a thinning scissor for perfect thinning and texturizing, and a texturizing scissor for creating versatile textures and removing hair weight without impacting length. This set allows you to unleash your styling creativity and take your artistry to new heights.

A Complete Professional Kit - The Ichiro Rose Gold Cutting Scissors go beyond the essential tools. This all-inclusive package provides a premium scissor case to protect your investment, a feathering razor for precise detailing, finger inserts for customizable comfort, an oil brush for maintenance, a cleaning cloth for quick cleanups, and a tension key for adjustments. It's a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of professional hairdressers, students, and home users alike.

Boost Your Performance and Comfort with the Ichiro Rose Gold Cutting Scissors. Elevate your hair artistry by reducing strain injuries and providing precision and comfort throughout hours of use. Experience the difference of Ichiro Scissors today, available exclusively at Scissor Hub Australia.