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Joewell Supreme Convex (SCC) Hair Cutting Scissor

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  • Features
STEEL Cobalt Base Alloy Steel
SIZE 5.7" and 6.0" Inches
CUTTING EDGE All-Rounder Slicing Edge
BLADE Convex Pro Blade
FINISH Powder Finish
MODEL Joewell Supreme SCC Convex SCC-6000F SCC-5700F
EXTRAS Permanent Finger Rest + Titanium Coated Handle

  • Description

If you're looking for a professional-grade pair of scissors, look no further than the Joewell SCC Supreme Hairdressing Scissors.

These top-of-the-line scissors are made from Japanese cobalt base alloy and feature a hard titanium coating, making them both strong and durable.

With perfect balance and offset handles, the Joewell SCC Convex Hairdressing Scissors offer a great feel and are perfect for advanced stylists.

Featuring Joewell's convex pro blades, these scissors are ideal for everyday use. So why wait? Order your very own set of Joewell Supreme SCC Convex Hairdressing Scissors today!