Kamisori Black Diamond III Thinning Scissors

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Handle Position Crane
Steel Flexible cobalt steel (HRC 62)
Size 6.0" Inches
Rockwell High Rockwell Hardness
Blade Kamisori Japanese 3D Texturizing/Thinning
Teeth 30
Hand Compatibility Left Or Right
Includes Kamisori lifetime warranty, Scissor Oil, a Satisfaction Guarantee, and a case.


Kamisori Black Diamond III Thinning Scissors - Elevate your texturizing technique with these superior Japanese steel scissors, designed for precision and comfort.

  • Hand-Forged Japanese Steel: Crafted for durability and precision with a 3D blade for optimal texturizing.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ensures a comfortable grip, reducing wrist stress during extended use.
  • 30 Teeth for Perfect Texturizing: Ideal for refining your cutting skills and achieving polished looks.
  • 3D Convex Edge: Delivers the cleanest trims, suitable for both dry and wet hair.
  • Stress-Free Cutting Experience: Designed to provide ease and efficiency in every cut.

Discover the unmatched quality of Kamisori Black Diamond III Thinning Scissors, your new go-to tool for flawless texturizing results.

  • Professional Opinion

"The Kamisori Black Diamond III Scissors are unmatched for detailed thinning and texturizing, ensuring precise and effortless cuts on all hair types."

This includes a pair of Kamisori Black Diamond III Thinning Scissors