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Mina Barber Hair Cutting Shear

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  • Product Features
Handle Ergonomics Comfortable Offset Design
Blade Long & Powerful for Over-Comb Techniques
Coating Allergy-Neutral Colour Options (Red, Purple, Black)
Tension Adjustor Convenient Screw for Easy Adjustment
Size Options 6.0", 6.5", and 7.0"
Steel Quality Stainless Steel
Quality Rating ★★★ Excellent Value!
  • Description

Transform Your Barbering Craft with the Mina Master Barber Hair Cutting Shear. It combines the finest stainless steel and a unique, allergy-neutral colour coating to provide you with a remarkable hair cutting tool.

Superior Cutting Precision is guaranteed thanks to the shear's precision blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges. Perfectly designed for slicing and chomping through hair, it’s a game-changer for over-comb barbering techniques.

Experience Comfort and Performance with the Mina Master Barber Shear. It's perfect for professionals and beginners seeking the benefits of 7.0" inch longer blades. Its offset ergonomics ensures less strain and greater comfort during use.

Take Control of Your Craft with the adjustable screw tension. Easily fine-tune the blade tightness for maximum precision and comfort. This is a shear built for versatility, suited for salon professionals, barbers, home use, and even personal grooming.

Enter a New Level of Barbering with the Mina Master Barber Hair Cutting Shear. Choose from available colours - Red, Purple, and Black, to add personality to your craft. It's time to elevate your performance with this excellent entry-level shear that blends quality and affordability.