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Mina Barber Hair Cutting Shear

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The Mina Barber shear uses stainless cutting steel and allergy-neutral colour coating to produce a great hair cutting scissor.

The hair cutting scissor is tempered with precision blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges that are capable of slicing and chomping through hair.

These are perfect for over-comb barbering haircutting techniques.

If you are looking for an entry-level barber shear to get comfortable with the 7.0” inch longer blades, then the Mina Barber shear is right for you!

These barber hair cutting scissors is great for salon workers, barbers, for cutting hair at home, and for personal usage as well!

  • Offset ergonomics
  • Long and powerful barber blade
  • Allergy-neutral colour coating
  • Screw tension adjustor for easy blade tightness adjustment
  • The hairdressing scissors are good for salon workers, hairdressers, barbers as well as for family or individual home use,
  • you can effortlessly fine-tune this hair-cutting scissor set to your desire for tightness and tension.

Mina Barber Shear: Red, Purple and Black Colours Available

  • Sizes: 7”
  • Types: Cutting
  • Steel: Stainless Steel
  • Rating: ★★★

One of the best entry-level barber shears for beginners, professionals and for home-use hairdressing; the Mina Barber has become one of the most bought barber shears due to its quality and affordable price.