Mina Sakura Cutting & Thinning Scissor Set

This perfect hair-cutting shears set is constructed from hand-sharpened stainless cutting steel that retains its sharp edge for longer and is resistant to corrosion and general wear.

These superior blades won’t lock up or get dull in a long time, ensuring a perfect cutting every time. With a finely honed blade and perfect western handle design, ensuring you will cut more efficiently. Pick these up and they fit comfortably into your hair.

The Mina Sakura Cutting & Thinning Scissor Set

Mina Sakura Set Information Details

  • Price: Between $149 to $249
  • Sizes: 6”
  • Types: Cutting & Thinning
  • Steel: Stainless Steel
  • Rating: ★★★

Mina spent more time on our scissors, so you can work efficiently and comfortably. The premium scissors were designed for professional barbers, this means you can shear a long time and never experience fatigue. Which is perfect for a barber, hairdresser, or hairstylist.

  • Our scissors reduce the mess of hair because no hair is caught between the blades, the blades will never lock or become dull.
  • Sharp & precise hair cutting and thinning scissors/shears.
  • Suitable for personal use as well as professional use.

The Mina Sakura scissor kit is one of the most popular entry-level sets for professional hairdressers, students and beginners, or for a home haircutting enthusiast.