Yasaka KE Hair Cutting Scissor

The Yasaka KE is the most popular classic handle (traditional/opposing) from Japan. It features a ultra-sharp Japanese clam-shaped blade and a light-weight design that reduces any strain on your thumb, finger, wrist, elbow, etc. while working.

Using the Yasaka Ke Hair Cutting Scissors, you can cut comfortably for hours on end with minimal strain on your hand and wrist.

Yasaka KE Classic Handle Scissor

The scissors feature an offset design with a grip through one of the handles that keeps your thumb and finger held at the most natural angle to achieve this.

Perfect for any hairdresser, they have a classic clam-shaped edge that provides effortless movement of the hair through the blades for a swift, clean cut.

They are crafted out of premium cobalt stainless steel that won’t wear down easily to ensure their use for years to come.

Yasaka KE Classic Hair Cutting Scissor Details

  • Price: Between $499 to $799 Per Pair
  • Sizes: 5”, 5.5” and 6.0”
  • Types: Cutting
  • Steel: ATS314 Cobalt Steel
  • Rating: ★★★★
  • Models: Yasaka KE