Hairdressing Scissor Accessories: Pouches, Cases & More!

The best accessories for scissors are what Australia's barbers, hairdressers, and salon professionals want.

These are the top accessories for barbers and hairdressers in Australia:

  • Hairdressing Scissor Pouches
  • Hairdressing Scissor Cases
  • Holsters
  • Hair Stylist Toolboxes
  • Scissor Wallets
  • Neck Razors
  • Hair Clips, Combs and More
  • Scissor Protectors
  • Scissor Oil Brush Pens
  • Maintenance Kits for Hairdressing Scissors

It's not easy to find high-quality accessories for hairdressers online. We don't recommend buying from Amazon or eBay as they aren't of professional quality.

Japan Scissors' team has been looking for high-quality accessories such as pouches and wallets, leather shear protectors and maintenance kits.

We chose leather to protect our hairdresser and barber tools when we searched for the best scissor pockets in Australia.

For barbers and hairdressers, leather holsters are made from genuine leather. These holsters can hold anywhere from 4-10 scissors and will keep your shears safe in the salon or barbershop.

Now, hairdressers can access protective pouches and toolboxes to store their clippers, scissors, clips, hairdryers and other accessories in the salon.

These accessories are affordable for professionals in Australia, and they can be used by hairdressers, hairdressers, and barber capes.

Japan Scissors is a leading supplier of barber accessories, including neck razors and shaving sets. Every razor is made of stainless steel and has replaceable blades made in Japan.

It is not easy to find beard shaving products that are both high-quality and affordable. The razor blades are sharp and flat-edged, so barbers can keep cutting between clients.