Trimming Your Hair At Home Guide

September 08, 2021 3 min read

Trimming Your Hair At Home Guide - Scissor Hub Australia

The past year Australians saw fewer visits to the barbershop or salon, but your hair keeps growing!

Many people have taken to cutting their hair at home to avoid having it too long, shaggy, or incontinence. We have some tips to help you cut your hair at home without crying if you’re one of them!

The first and most important tip is: Do not use kitchen scissors to cut your hair!

We see this too often. When people are fed up with their wild hair, they grab the kitchen scissors and go. Even if you’re only trimming a few inches off your bangs, the quality of the scissors you choose is crucial.

The blades of hair cutting scissors are specifically designed for cutting hair. They are shorter and thinner, so it is possible to achieve a precise cut.

How to get ready to trim your hair at home… Feeling prepared

Before you start cutting your hair with the scissors from your kitchen drawer, here are a few things to do before you head out to cut your hair.

  1. Buy a pair of quality hair-cutting scissors. You don’t need to buy anything fancy for home trimmings. To get the best cut, you will need a pair of fine point shears. You should pay attention to the blades. Choose something that is smaller than you can handle.
  2. A comb with large teeth is also a good choice. A comb with wider teeth will give you a more delicate cut.
  3. It would be best if you always had a towel on hand to catch your hair. This will prevent you from making a huge mess. For a quick and easy clean-up, let the hair fall on the towel and not onto the floor.
  4. Use hair mist spray or water bottle with water. To keep your hair clean, you will need to spray the area cutting it with water. You can section the hair better by using a hair misting spray or water bottle.
  5. Make sure to use hair clips, hair ties, or scrunchies to secure your hair. Then cut the desired sections. This step is important even though it seems straightforward. To avoid accidentally cutting hair you don’t want, use clippers to separate the sections of hair you need.
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Now that you have all the necessary preparations, it is time to start the actual cutting. Once you are ready to cut your hair, wash and dry it well.

Next, use your comb and pull small pieces of hair from the front. Keep the same amount of hair on your left and right.

Then, pull the hair back to where you want your layers. Once you’re ready to cut, twist your hair and then cut with scissors. Continue to do so.

Be conservative in your cut and take your time

Remember that less is always more. When you are cutting, be conservative.

Cutting less is better. It is always easier to repair a haircut when it’s longer. So trimming a little bit is the best approach.

You can always cut more, but it is not possible to replace what you have already cut. Although trimming your hair at home can seem daunting and a bit expensive, it is possible.

You can do it with a set of good hair-trimmers and patience. You might never go to the salon again.

Often it’s better to trim your hair to maintain your current hairstyle

Many people at home try to cut a new hairstyle, but this often leads to mistakes and a quick follow-up visit to your hairdresser.

The best solution is to trim your hair and maintaining your current hairstyle.

Whether you have shoulder-length longer hair or short hair, it’s much easier to trim the ends of the hair to shorten the hairstyle.