Choosing Apprentice Hair Scissors Guide

September 06, 2021 9 min read

Choosing Apprentice Hair Scissors Guide - Scissor Hub Australia

It is a daunting task to decide which pair of hair scissors to buy, especially if you are a beginner or apprentice.

You have to consider certain factors such as comfort, quality, style, and pricing before you buy.

At Scissor Hub, we aim to help every hairdresser find the perfect hairdressing scissor suited for their needs. So, we have compiled three recommendations that will help you buy the perfect pair of hair scissors for an apprentice.

Continue reading the post to discover our top suggestions.

Apprentice Hairdressing Scissors


Between $200 and $300, you can find great hairdressing scissors best suited for students and apprentices.

Moreover, you don’t have to break your bank to buy a pair of scissors for $500 so that you can cut hair like an expert.

We have renowned hairdressing scissor brands such as Jaguar, Ichiro, Mina, and more perfect for an apprentice.

Student and apprentice hair scissors have the following characteristics:

  • Convex or bevel edge blades
  • Inclusion of screw or similar technique used for tension adjuster
  • Uses the latest offset ergonomic design for the handles

Now, these characteristics are very important for apprentices and students as well as for expert barbers and hairdressers.

Moreover, you need to perform haircut with high-quality scissors so that you can master different haircutting techniques. That way, you can prepare yourself like a real pro.

However, you can opt for a great pair of hairdressing scissors for apprentices with the following features.

  • Comfortable ergonomic handles
  • High-quality steel
  • Sharp convex or bevel edge blade for point, blunt, slide, slice, and other haircutting techniques
  • Inclusion of bonus kit that contains maintenance kit, hair comb, styling razor, pouch or case, and many more

Buying the best hair-cutting scissors, kits, and sets for apprentice online might be confusing. However, you can buy them with great confidence at

How to choose the right scissor: Apprentice’s guide

Thinking about which apprentice hair scissors to choose


There is no question that the hairdressing industry contains many customs regarding training an apprentice.

Moreover, it appears that most seniors follow the same techniques and structure that were taught to them when they were apprentices.

That way, it takes a longer time for the industry to accept new ideas in place of the older habits.

As someone with years of hair scissor experience, I find that many people are giving wrong information to apprentices on how to buy their first pair of hair scissors. They say like “Grab a pair of hair scissors under $100. I started with that as well.”

Now, everyone knows that this kind of scissor is disposable and doesn’t cut well. Moreover, they have large finger holes along with normal cutting edge and simplistic designs.

In short, they are so cheap that most experts don’t use this kind. That’s because it takes a considerable amount of pressure to make s haircut. And, they can’t perform precise haircut techniques. Persuading your apprentice to buy this type of hair scissor is wrong. And, here’s my reason why I said so.

1. Apprentices don’t learn from using bad scissors

You don’t expect a beginner to learn how to cut with scissors that fail to perform well. That way, it makes it much difficult to learn with them. There are plenty of apprentices who were frustrated and left hairdressing believing that they can’t continue further. However, the fault lies in their tool and not in them.

2. Cheaper scissors have poor ergonomics and handle designs


Avoid buying cheap and bad apprentice scissors

You can find big finger holes on most of the $100 scissors. They are designed for European male hands. And, they don’t fit well for women hairdressers.

Moreover, scissors with a poor fit can’t give you great results. That’s because the apprentice has to use an incorrect grip. As a result, these poor apprentices tend to cut hair with scissors that are slipping out of their fingers. Because of poor grip, it can cause RSI in their careers later.

Even when they are using a good fit scissor, this habit remains forever.

They tend to twist the scissor to get a better grip. That way, you can develop calluses underneath knuckles on your finger ring and your thumb. Also, I have noticed many apprentices who tend to slide the scissors over their knuckles while shifting the comb.

As such, they tend to cut in this position always. Now, that makes me depressed because this can cause RSI issues down the line along with severe hand cramps.

3. Can apprentices afford a good pair of scissors?


Do apprentices have money to buy hair scissors?

So, what about the apprentices who can’t afford to buy expensive scissors? Keep in mind that a good scissor lasts for a very long time.

Tool allowance is an integral part of the hairdressing industry in Australia. Even the Government allocates an amount of up to $3200 intended for training costs.

Also, these are tax-free and the hair scissors fall in the tax-deductible category. An average apprentice scissor costs between $300 and $500. These tools are made to perform and give precise cuts.

Therefore, what is the need to buy a cheap pair now if the apprentice will surely buy the precision-cut scissor in the 3rd year anyway? You might be dealing with a tight budget.

So, one of the seniors in the barbershop or salon can easily donate an old pair of scissors. However, you need to service the old pair first before using it. That’s because an old blunt pair can’t help you in learning hair cutting techniques either.

4. Cheap scissors don’t come in the best sizes (overall and blade length)

The different apprentice scissor sizes


You won’t get cheap scissors in different fractional sizes. So, it is difficult to buy the right size.

You would cut yourself at the bottom of the fingers if the scissor blades are too long compared to the hand size.

Too shorter blade, on the other hand, has a problem of its own. You would cut yourself while chasing for each strand of hair.

Most women hairstylists use either 5 or 5.3 inches scissors for cutting. Whereas, men use 5.3 or 5.5 inches scissors. The best apprentice hair scissors cover these sizes.

The Top 5 Apprentice Scissors and Kits in Australia

Choose the right apprentice scissor that will give you a professional haircutting experience. Get the confidence to impress your clients by choosing a reliable pair of apprentice shears.

Some apprentice scissors some as kits that typically include a scissor protective case or pouch, maintenance kit, styling razors, etc.

1. Juntetsu Offset Hair Cutting Shear

The Juntetsu Offset Hair Cutting Apprentice Scissor


Juntetsu is a professional hairdressing scissor brand that brings high-quality haircutting shears to salons and barbershops in Australia.

They focus on simple designs, high-quality materials and Japanese style sharp convex-blades that are trusted by hairdressers and barbers.

Juntetsu Offset Scissor Features:

  • Right Handed Sizes 5.0”, 5.5”, 6.0” inches
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • Ultra-sharp convex edge blade for easy haircutting
  • Simple design for a versatile and all-rounder haircutting tool
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Apprentice Scissor Kit Extras: Protective Scissor Leather Case/Pouch, Maintenance Kit (Oil, Cloth, Tension Key, etc), Styling Razor, Razor Blades, etc.

Juntetsu Offset Scissor Apprentice Review:

The Juntetsu hair cutting scissors are lightweight and fit comfortably in your hand. The sharp convex-edge blade makes these perfect for blunt, point and slice cutting, and also over-comb which needs a minimum size of 6”. Easily the best value Apprentice scissor kit for professional haircutting in Australian salons or barbershops.

Read more about the Juntetsu Offset Hairdressing Scissor product here

Juntetsu Offset Haircutting Scissor Shop Here At

2. Ichiro Offset Hair Cutting Scissor


The Ichiro Offset Apprentice Hair Cutting Scissor

Ichiro is a professional hairdressing scissor brand that is trusted by apprentice hairdressers and barbers in Australia.

They focus on professional hair cutting shears with convex-edge blades that are made from premium steel.

Ichiro Offset Scissor Features:

  • Right Handed Sizes 6.0” inches
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • Sharp slice cutting Convex-Edge blade
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Ball-point tension gears for reliable tightness between blades
  • Apprentice Scissor Kit Extras: Protective Scissor Case/Pouch, Maintenance Kit (Oil, Cloth, Tension Key, etc), Styling Razor, etc.

Ichiro Offset Scissor Apprentice Review:

The Ichiro Offset haircutting shears are one of the best value Apprentice scissors available in Australia. Simple design, with extra attention invested into the tension to maintain the perfect tightness for longer. The sharp cutting edge uses a convex blade that is perfect for slice, blunt, point and also over-comb barber style haircutting. With the high-quality shears, lifetime warranty and plenty of extras, these are the most affordable hair scissors for apprentices working in barbershops and salons.

Read more about the Ichiro Offset Apprentice Scissor product here

Ichiro Offset Apprentice Haircutting Scissor Shop Here At

3. Kamisori Sword Barber Hair Cutting Shear


The Kamisori Barber Sword Apprentice Shear

Kamisori Shears is a well-known barbering scissor brand that produces excellent long-blade haircutting shears for over-comb style techniques.

They put extra effort into the design and style of the haircutting shears that makes each pair unique.

Kamisori Sword Barber Scissor Features:

  • Left & Right Handed Sizes 6.0”, 6.5”, 7.0 inches
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • Advanced 3D convex-edge slicing blade
  • Powerful Sword type cutting blade for barbering

Kamisori Sword Barber Apprentice Review:

The Kamisori Sword is a powerful barber scissor that is perfect for over-comb haircutting techniques. Hand-crafted to perfection, Kamisori Shears pulls out all the stops to make this the best apprentice barber scissors available in Australia. Between the handle ergonomics, the 3D convex edge ultra-sharp blade, and engraved logo, the Kamisori Sword is a professional apprentice shear that is perfect for Australian barbers!

Read more about the Kamisori Barber Sword Scissor product here

Kamisori Shears Sword Apprentice Haircutting Scissor Shop Here At

4. Yasaka Offset Hair Cutting Shear

The Yasaka Offset Apprentice Hairdressing Scissor


Joewell Scissors is a well-known scissor brand that focus on simple designs with their own custom blades that are perfect for all haircutting techniques.

The Classic Joewell shears are lightweight and are perfect for apprentices in Salons looking for a lighter pair of hairdressing scissors.

Yasaka Offset Scissor Features:

  • Right Handed Sizes 5.0”, 5.5” and 6.0” inches
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • Hand-crafted Japanese clam-shaped slice cutting blade
  • Unique engraving logo design

Yasaka Offset Scissor Apprentice Review:

Yasaka is a very popular hairdressing scissor brand, and out of all their models, the Yasaka Offset Scissor is the most popular for apprentices. Featuring a lightweight ergonomic design, these are perfect ergonomic haircutting tools for apprentices cutting hair all-day. The hand-crafted clam shaped blade holds its sharpness for longer and gives you a professional all-rounder hair cutting and slicing experience.

Read more about the Yasaka Offset Scissor product here

Yasaka Offset Apprentice Haircutting Scissor Shop Here At

5. Joewell Classic Hair Cutting Scissor

The Joewell Japanese Classic Apprentice Hairdressing Shear


Joewell Classic Scissor Features:

  • Right Handed Sizes 5.0”, 5.5”, 6.0”, 6.5” and 7.0” inches
  • Comfortable classic/traditional ergonomic handle
  • Joewell’s famous standard blade
  • Ultra-lightweight design

Joewell Classic Scissor Apprentice Review:

Joewell is a famous hairdressing scissor brand and out of all their models, the Joewell Classic is the most popular for Australian apprentices. It has a lightweight ergonomic design, a traditional opposing handle, and a reliable Joewell standard blade that performs all professional haircutting techniques. This is a versatile and reliable hair cutting scissor that is perfect for apprentices trying out different haircutting techniques.

Read more about the Joewell Classic Scissor product here

Joewell Classic Scissors Shop Here At

Conclusion: How to choose the right pair of scissors for apprentices in Australia

Whether you are an apprentice barber, apprentice hairdresser or an apprentice working in a Salon, it is important to get the right pair of hair cutting scissors that will allow you to be your best.

The short of it is, if you use an ultra-cheap hair cutting scissor, you will be struggling each and every day.

We recommend that you choose the best professional apprentice hair cutting scissor, so you can learn and improve on your haircutting techniques with the right tools.

Having a professional apprentice hair shear will also protect you with its lightweight and handle ergonomics. These ergonomics reduce strain and tension in your fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, and much more!

So, I think that all seniors that have apprentices should manage time and read this article again. As such, you can decide what type of hair scissor they should buy as their first scissor.

Because apprentices need your guidance, you should guide them well. So, ensure that they are having the right scissor size. In addition, the scissors should be comfortable to use and give a precise cut.

In short, it helps to learn different haircutting techniques with ease. If they find it hard to buy a decent one, please help them in any way.

Keep in mind that apprentices are good for your business. Also, it reflects your skill of being a great trainer.

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