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September 06, 2021 13 min read

Top 10 Hair Cutting Scissors - Scissor Hub Australia

You would always want to have the best hair cutting scissors when performing different hairstyles. So, here is the list of the top 10 hair scissors for beginners, professionals, and home hairstylists.

These hair scissors come in handy when you want to earn a living out of them. However, finding the right one for your specific needs is daunting. Every brand claims to be the best. This article features some of the top-rated hair scissors made in Germany, Japan, and so on.

A pair of the best hair cutting scissors


Moreover, you get to know how to cut hair and how to buy them. The article covers what each type of hair shears is used for. So, continue reading the post.

3 tips you should know before you buy hair scissors

You should have a clear understanding of a few things before heading on buying a good pair of hairdressing scissors. That way, you can be sure about the right pair for your particular needs. Here are some tips you should know when you are planning to buy a great pair of hair scissors.

1. Hair shears size

It is seen that most people tend to return the hair shears brought from online stores. That’s because of the incorrect scissor size. Surprisingly, professional hairdressers even find themselves in this awkward position sometimes.

Common hair scissor sizes used by male hairdressers

  • 7-inch hair scissors
  • 6.5-inch hair scissors
  • 6-inch hair scissors

Common hair scissor sizes used by female hairdressers

  • 6-inch hair scissors
  • 5.5-inch hair scissors
  • 5-inch hair scissors

You can follow these easy steps to find out the right haircutting scissor size/

Before buying a new pair of hair shears from online stores, here are some easy steps to determine the right hair scissor sizes.

  • Find a ruler, or a pair of old hair scissor
  • Take out your left hand and place it on your palm
  • Take the ruler or the hair scissor and measure against your palm
  • Place the tip of the ruler or scissor toward the end of your mid-finger
  • Next, measure the ruler or scissor against your mid-finger

You can buy a 6-inch hairdressing scissor if you are not sure about the right size. The 6-inch size fits well with most hairstylists. Also, it covers a wide range of hairstyling techniques.

However, the longer 7-inch hair cutting scissors are better for different barbering techniques. You can even perform ‘Over The Comb’. On the other hand, the 5.5-inch hair scissors are shorter in size. Moreover, they work best for precision hairstyling techniques.

2. Hairdressing scissors-type

There are certain types of hairdressing scissors used for hair thinning and cutting. Here is the list of the most common types of hair shears.

Haircutting scissors with a short blade

Shorter blade hair scissors have sizes that range from 4 inches to 5.5 inches. The amazing thing about shorter blade sizes is that you can perform most hairstyling techniques. Also, it is widely available. This type of hair scissor is perfect for hairdressers with smaller hands.

Haircutting scissors with a long blade

Longer blade hair scissors have sizes that range from 6 inches to 7.5 inches. A longer scissor blade works well with almost every hairstyling technique. Also, you can use it for different barbering techniques such as ‘Over The Comb’. They fit perfectly for hairstylists with large hands.

Texturizing thinning hair scissors

These kinds of hair shears come with 30 to 40 teeth and can thin your hair smoothly. It makes sure you don’t pull large chunks. Moreover, the 40-teeth thinning hair scissors are the best tool to thin hair. The teeth consist of V-shaped blades. The sharp teeth make precise thinning motions.

Wide chomping thinning hair scissors

Thinning hair scissors come with varying teeth. When you have fewer teeth, the thinning scissors take out more chunks. These kinds of scissors have 10 to 20 V-shaped teeth. They are widely used for thicker hair. When you are dealing with thick long curly hair with a texturizing scissor of 40 teeth, you can understand why the chomping thinning scissors are useful.

3. Hairdressing scissor handles

The best hair cutting scissor handles for hairdressers and barbers

Depending on ergonomics, there are a few different types of hair cutting scissor handles for barbers and hairstylists.

Offset handles

In Australia, you can find most hairdressing scissors with offset handles. The bottom ring has an offset design. As a result, it gives you a perfect grip. It helps reduce fatigue on your fingers when you are cutting hair for a prolonged time.

Classic handles

Currently in use today, the classic handle design is very popular. Moreover, they provide you minimal ergonomics. The classic scissor handles are popular with hairdressers who cut hair for a shorter period.

Crane handles

The crane handle is a step-up design from the normal offset ergonomics. They have a deeper offset design that drifts the bottom ring from the top. The crane handle design is good for hairdressers who cut hair for an extended period. So, they want the best ergonomics that reduces fatigue while cutting hair.

Left-handed handles

This kind of scissor handles works the same way as other scissor handles. However, they are for left-handed hairdressers. You can get hold of the left-handed handle, crane, and offset designs specially crafted for left-handed hairstylists.


Still, in doubt what type of hair cutting scissors you should buy? Don’t fret, we have a list of the most purchased scissor types.

  • Male barbers – Longer blade offset hair scissors of 6.5 to 7.5 inch
  • Female barbers – Longer blade offset hair scissors of 6 to 6.5 inch
  • Male hairdressers – Shorter blade offset hair scissors of 6 inch
  • Female hairdressers – Shorter blade offset hair scissors of 5.5 inch

Learn more about the different types of hairdressing scissors here!

Top 10 hair cutting scissors

1. Yasaka Offset Hairdressing Scissors


Yasaka Offset Hair Cutting Scissors

To begin with, Yasaka hair cutting scissors are made in Japan. They are the best-sellers in Australia. Moreover, they are affordable. This brand has premium quality compared to ordinary Japanese brands.

Yasaka differs from different Chinese brands such as ULG, Wahl, and Equinox. Also, they have a good reputation in the global hairdressing industry. Moreover, they have over 60 years of experience in producing high-quality hair cutting tools.


  • Well-balanced look
  • Great ergonomics
  • Convex-edged sharp scissor blade
  • Manufactured in Japan


  • It needs a good sharpener, or else it may damage the scissor

Summary Review

Yasaka hair cutting scissors are manufactured in Japan with premium quality materials. These offset hair scissors are popular for their quality, design, and ergonomics. There is no doubt that Yasaka is the best Japanese scissor brand you can find.

View The Yasaka Offset Hair Scissor Here!

2. Jaguar Jay2 hairdressing scissors


Jaguar Jay 2 Cutting Scissors

When it is about producing high-end shears at affordable prices, Jaguar comes top of the list. They are the best-selling hair shears brand in Australia. These hair tools produce a great performance. The Jay2 is an affordable hair shear you can buy.

The Jaguar Jay2 is a great hair cutting tool for both professionals and beginners. Moreover, they are quite popular in Europe. They have more than 80 years of experience and have earned reliability among barbers and hairdressers.


  • Very affordable
  • Bevel-edged scissor blade
  • Great ergonomics


  • Requires frequent sharpening

Summary Review

Jaguar has been producing hair cutting scissors for more than 80 years. Moreover, they are a popular brand because of the affordability and reliability. On top of that, Jay2 is the best-selling hair shear in Australia for over 3 years.

3. Kamisori Sword hairdressing scissors


Kamisori Sword Barber Shears

This is yet another great variant from the famous Kamisori brand. Most barbers and hairdressers love working with Kamisori Sword hair scissors. Kamisori is a reputed brand that produces good-quality hair scissors. The long blade design is good for the ‘Over the Comb’ technique.

The Kamisori Sword has good ergonomics and a premium offset design. They are manufactured using 440C Japanese steel. The premium hairdressing scissor comes in 6, 6.5, 7, and 7.5-inch sizes. Hairstylists and barbers all over the world adore this quality hair shear.


  • Longer scissor blade
  • Made with high-quality Japanese materials
  • Convex-edged sharp blade


  • Slightly expensive
  • Available only for right-handed hairdressers

Summary Review

Kamisori has a good reputation in the hairdressing community. The company produces premium hair cutting scissors. The Kamisori Sword is the perfect long blade hair cutting tool for professionals.

View The Kamisori Sword Barber Shear Here!

4. Juntetsu Offset hair scissors


Juntetsu Offset Hair Cutting Scissors

Juntetsu is another great brand that manufactures great hair scissors. They have quality quite similar to Yasaka. This offset hair scissor is rated as the best value hairdressing tool because of the high-quality built. Moreover, it comes at a competitive price range.

Juntetsu produces high-quality hair cutting scissors using VG10 steel. It is a great material to manufacture good-quality hair scissors. The offset design helps you to cut hair with fatigue in your fingers. The tension screw makes the blade sharper.


  • Offset design good for professionals
  • Convex-edged sharp blade
  • Cost-efficient haircutting tool
  • Premium quality steel


  • Simple ergonomics

Summary Review

When you are looking for an affordable and good-quality Japanese steel scissor, Juntetsu is all you need. It gives you sharp, silent cutting motions. In short, other hair scissors don’t produce great results like Juntetsu hair scissors. They are top-rated in Australia.

5. Ichiro cutting offset hairdressing scissors


Ichiro Offset Haircutting Scissors

Ichiro is one of the best brands that produce premium quality hairdressing scissors. The company uses high-quality 440C hardened steel to make hair scissors. They have great value for your money. Moreover, this is evident from the 5-star ratings from hairdressers worldwide.

Ichiro cutting offset hair shears have a lightweight design and great ergonomics. The V-shaped teeth on the scissor give you effortless and easy cutting on hair. Also, this set is cost-effective. This scissor doesn’t take much time to get sold out. Hairdressers love the offset design of Ichiro in Australia and the US.


  • Great value for money
  • Good ergonomics
  • Convex edge blade with a sharp convex edged blade


  • There aren’t any negative reviews on the product yet

Summary Review

Ichiro is one of the high-rated and best value hairdressing scissor brands you can find. It gives you simple ergonomics at an affordable price.

6. Ichiro matte black hair cutting scissors


Ichiro Matte Black Haircutting Scissors

It is often seen that hairdressers demand unique styles in hair shears. And, Ichiro matte black design is a classic example of that. Moreover, the matte black design is trending these days. The Ichiro matte black is made with 440C high-quality steel. It has great ergonomics and a unique design.

Furthermore, this hair shear comprises a convex-edged blade. Moreover, the V-shaped teeth give you an effective and smoother cutting experience. If you are planning to buy a matte black hair scissor at an affordable price, this one is perfect for you.


  • Premium 440C steel
  • Eye-catching matte black design
  • Convex-edge blade and v-shaped teeth


  • Some hairstylists don’t like this design

Summary Review

Ichiro’s matte black hair scissor is a great choice by many hairstylists worldwide. Moreover, it is built with premium steel and has great ergonomics. It is very popular both in Australia and the US.

7. Mina UMI haircutting scissors


Mina Umi Haircutting Scissors

Almost every barber or hairdresser wants hair scissors with good ergonomics. Apart from that, the UMI is the best-selling hairdressing scissor that comes for $150. Mina UMI is made with good-quality stainless steel.

Furthermore, this wonderful hair shear has a convex-edged sharp blade for a precise cut. In addition, it gives great comfort to the user. That’s because of the offset design. Moreover, this hair cutting scissor works well with beginners, professionals, and home hairdressing enthusiasts.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional design with good ergonomics
  • Convex-edged sharp blade


  • Needs frequent sharpening when used regularly

Summary Review

The Mina UMI is a cost-effective hairdressing scissor that comes under $150. This scissor pair has a convex-edged blade along with great ergonomics. Moreover, the attractive price tag draws the attention of many hairdressers.

View The Mina Umi Here!

8. Jaguar pink Pre Style Ergo hair cutting scissors


Jaguar Pink Haircutting Scissors

Jaguar hair shears are made in Germany. Apart from that, it has earned a good reputation by producing premium quality hairdressing and barbering hair scissors at a reasonable price tag.

The Pre Style Ergo is designed and made in Germany, too. Moreover, it has sharper blades, a traditional handle, and in-built premium quality steel for better results. In addition, the micro serrations on the shear give you effortless cutting motions.


  • Made in Germany
  • The pink color is allergy neutral
  • Micro serrated scissor blades


  • Available only in classic handle design

Summary Review

Jaguar hair scissors are manufactured in Germany. On top of that, they have unique styles, professional ergonomics, and micro serrations on the blades. The pink color is quite attractive. And, it is popular both in New Zealand and Australia.

9. Ichiro K10 hair cutting shears


Ichiro K10 Haircutting Scissors

Ichiro makes premium hair scissors manufactured with VG10 high-quality steel for sheer performance. As a result, the scissors perform smoothly. Also, you can get silent cutting motions.

The lightweight and offset design gives you good ergonomics to work better. The Japanese steel provides you with superior sharpness and the convex-edged scissor blade helps you to get sharper cuts.


  • VG10 premium steel
  • Great ergonomics
  • Convex-edged Japanese blade


  • Adjustable tension isn’t a good choice always

Summary Review

Ichiro produces good-quality hair scissors at affordable prices. And. The K10 gives you sharper cuts because of the best-quality steel in it.

10. Yasaka barber shears


Yasaka Barber Haircutting Scissors

There is no doubt that Yasaka produces some of the best hair cutting scissors. The company uses premium Japanese steel to produce different types of barber shears.

Yasaka barber shears have premium engineering, offset ergonomics and simple design for better performance. In short, you can find Yasaka barber shears easily with great value for money.


  • Convex-edged scissor blade
  • Cobalt ATS314 stainless steel used
  • Manufactured in Japan


  • A little expensive

Summary Review

Yasaka long blade 7-inch scissor is one of the affordable Japanese shears. Moreover, you can get one in New Zealand and Australia.

View The Yasaka Barber Shears 7” Here!

5 simple and easy tricks used to cut hair

If you are a hair cutting enthusiast, a sharp pair of hair scissors is where you should begin at first. However, certain tips are effective while cutting hair both at home or work.

To get started, you need a great pair of scissors, a good quality comb, a spray bottle, and someone good at trimming hair.

Here are the top 5 easy tricks to cut hair.

1. Use little water to spray hair

Grab the spray bottle and sprinkle water on your hair. However, keep notice not to soak the hair with too much water. A little water helps to get an easy cut.

2. Comb the hair

Combing helps you to get rid of knots. When you run a comb through the hair, it helps hair to organize for cutting. Moreover, you get a clear picture of the length and thickness of the hair.

3. Cut hair

Grab a little area of the wet hair and hold it by your fingers. Leave about 1 to 2 inches of hair on top of your fingertips. After that, cut the hair crosswise. Similarly, grab the hair and start cutting. Continue doing this until you have covered all the areas.

4. Give a thorough check

Gently run your fingers through the hair to find out if you did a good job. In short, watch out for any missed spot. It’s normal to have some patches of hair remaining on your head. Moreover, if an area seems long and thick, you can cut it to perfection.

5. Trimming the fringes

Whatever hairstyle you opt for, trimming hair fringes is much easier. You need to comb the hair to see how you can start trimming.

Differences between hair shears and scissors

You might have come across the terms ‘shears’ and ‘scissors’ when looking for different types of hairdressing scissors. But, what do these terms used for? Moreover, is there any difference in the features?

When you take a deep look into the barber and hairdressing industry, there isn’t a great difference between shears and scissors. However, when it comes to hairdressing, the most commonly used tool is hair scissors.

On one hand, shears are mainly used by barbers. Shears have longer blades and longer in size. Also, it is good for different barbering techniques. Most barbers use them for the ‘Over The Comb’ hairdressing technique.

On the other hand, scissors are shorter in length compared to shears. You can find them around 5 to 6 inches in size. Moreover, they are used for precise hair cutting and hairstyling.

In general, thinning and texturizing hair tools are referred to as scissors. And, they have 10 to 40 teeth. Many hairdressers use them to thin hair.

Furthermore, both shears and scissors use bevel, convex, and hybrid blade types. The convex-edged type gives you a precise haircut. However, there is a downside to it. Many sharpeners fail to maintain the blade edge.

In short, you can find very little difference between shears and scissors. Further, many scissor manufacturers don’t limit themselves depending on the differences.

So, if you are thinking about buying a good pair of hair shears or scissors, remember that both of them have similar functionalities.

Conclusion: What are hair cutting scissors?

To sum up, we provide you a list of some of the best hair cutting scissors. However, that depends on the style, reputation of the brand, quality, and affordability. And, you don’t have to search deep for that.

Moreover, there are hair styling shears meant for beginners, students, and professionals. And, there are hair scissors for home hairdressing enthusiasts, as well.

Also, you can get the right size of the shears by placing them on your palm. 5 to 6 inches shears are favored by most female hairdressers and barbers. Whereas, many male hairstylists and barbers choose hair shears ranging from 6 to 7 inches.

For students and home hairdressing enthusiasts, you have to pay between $100 and $200. However, for professionals, the cost is between $150 and $400.

Every good pair of a scissor has good-quality steel. As a result, it gives them a great sharp edge. And, it helps to achieve a precise haircut.

We have compiled a list of some of the best hair cutting scissors based on the feedback, quality, reviews, and overall reputation. That way, it can serve the specific needs of each customer.

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