How Hairdressing Scissors & Barber Shears Are Made

September 08, 2021 2 min read

How Hairdressing Scissors & Barber Shears Are Made - Scissor Hub Australia

All hair-cutting scissors are made from stainless steel. It is produced in Japan and Korea, Germany, Taiwan China, India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, China, Taiwan, China, India, or Pakistan. The Japanese steel is considered the best, while Indian and Pakistani steels are lower quality.

It is important that you understand that stainless steel isn’t stain-proof and that special care must be taken to avoid staining.

Hand-forged scissors are better than cast and stamped. The best scissors will be hand-forged. However, the cheaper ones may have more drag.

Most scissors have uniform hollow-grinding on the inner side of the blade. The beveled edges of cheaper scissors tend to be thicker, so they will deteriorate faster. Most scissors today have a convex edge which allows stylists to follow the flow.

What metals are used to make my scissor blade?

Good scissor-steel is made from a precise recipe that combines several elements, alloys, and ores in a well-balanced combination that provides the perfect cutting tool.CARBON is the main hardener for steel. The harder the steel gets, the more carbon is added.

The finished steel should have a carbon content of between.95 to 1.2%. Too hard steel will not be able to be used for dry or slide cutting. MOLYBDENUM increases toughness and corrosion resistance to chemicals that can lead to pitting and dulling. MANGANESE increases the blade’s tensile strength, so it will last longer.

CHROMIUM is a corrosion inhibitor and heat resistant, so the steel will retain its desired properties throughout forging and finishing. VANADIUM increases toughness and fatigue resistance, so the scissor can keep its balance and set.

To increase hardness and reduce weight in some steels, COBALT or TITANIUM can be added.

This will produce the best scissor steel. TITANIUM and COBALT are not additives to stainless steel.A scissor made entirely of cobalt, titanium, or any other alloy is not possible.This would be similar to making a chocolate cake from nothing but cocoa powder.

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