How To Choose Hairdressing Scissors | Choosing Barber Hair Shears

September 11, 2021 8 min read

How To Choose Hairdressing Scissors | Choosing Barber Hair Shears - Scissor Hub Australia

The Australian hairdressing scissor and barber shears market is larger than ever before, but how do you know what pair to choose with more stores selling online with new brands appearing every year?

Choosing hairdressing scissors depends on what you will use them for. If you are cutting hair for your family, then a simple pair will suffice, but if you are a professional cutting day in day out, then you will need to choose a pair that will last, that will cut sharp with no tugging or pulling and find a pair that suits your budget. Check out this blog for the difference between German and Japanese hairdressing scissors.

  1. Order your scissors from an Australian company
  2. Choose high quality steel (VG10, 440C etc.)
  3. When ordering online, make sure there is a return policy
  4. Made in Japan, Germany, Korea and Taiwan mean quality Scissors
  5. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Check these before buying

If you are looking to buy the best hairdressing scissors in Australia, or to understand the popular Japanese shear brands, or just to pick up a reliable pair of cutting scissors for home, then follow the above 5 rules when shopping online.

How to pick the best hairdressing scissors & Barber shears

Ask any barber, hairdresser, or stylist about their shears or scissors. They’ll talk about them for years. The best hairdressing tool is the most versatile. It can be used for many different styles and offers many options to achieve various looks with one haircut.

Scissors come as a variety of sizes, with different benefits. You may find that they become addictive once you start to collect them.

Good scissors can be a great investment. They will last you a lifetime if you take good care of them. You must choose scissors that fit your personality.

We won’t let you get lost among the many brands and models. Here is a guide that will help you pick the perfect pair of scissors and keep them in good condition throughout their entire life.

How hairdressing scissors and barber shears are made

All hair scissors made of stainless steel are made in Japan, Korea and Germany. Japanese steel is the highest quality while Indian and Pakistani have lower standards. It is important to know that stainless steel does not resist staining and should be treated with special care to prevent staining.

Hand-forged scissors are superior to stamped or cast ones. While hand-forged scissors have a sharper edge than cheaper models, they can have more drag.

All scissors have uniform hollow grinding (CONCAVE), on the inner surface. Cheaper scissors will have a thicker edge that is more likely to deteriorate quickly. Nowadays, most scissors have a convex cut edge that allows stylists more freedom to work with the flow.

What are the best scissors for you?

The best scissors for cutting are those that measure the length of each blade against your middle fingers and the total length against the palm of your hands. Most scissors range in length from 4.5 inches to 8 inches.

When left-handed stylists use right-handed scissors to cut, they tend to have more tension in their hands. Therefore, it is important for left-handed people that the right tools are used. Left-handed scissors will have a sharp edge on the top blade on their left-hand side.

You should ensure that the holes on your scissor handle are not loose or sloppy. This can put pressure on your hand. You might consider using plastic inserts to reduce the size the finger holes.

Many companies today make ergonomic scissors. The way they are made reduces the pressure on your arms and hands. There are several ergonomic options available: double swivels; swivels; and off-set.

You can find a wide range of sizes for your scissors. For cutting hair, smaller scissors of between 4.5’” and 5.5 inches create a more tailored cut. Longer scissors (6’’ or more) are best for cutting hair using techniques like scissor over comb. Some might think this is better because it takes longer to do the scissor over comb technique.

Although it is faster, smaller size scissors do the exact same job. They are sometimes slower, but they are more precise and refined. To be able to cut any kind of hair, a barber/hairdresser must have several different length scissors. 

It is best to use the smaller scissors on the top to create your desired shape. The larger scissors can be used to blend with the scissor over.

To avoid hand fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome, your scissors should always feel at ease in your hand. Most hairstylists own several pairs of scissors that can be used for different types of jobs. Do not spend a lot on your first pair of scissors if your skill level is low.

What size are my hair scissors?

Some stylists prefer shorter scissors, while others prefer long. It depends on the type and amount of cutting you do. The length of a scissor measures from the tip to the finger hole. It does not include the finger rest.

For the perfect size, hold a pair scissors in your hand. Place the finger hole of the scissors at the base your thumb. The tip should be in your middle finger. Which blade is best to use for hair-cutting?

The two main types of hair cutting scissors blades are the convex and bevelled edges. Which type you choose depends on your career path, personal preference, as well as what you have available.

Choosing Bevelled Edge Scissors

The bevelled-edge blades can be made from a mix of metals. This makes them lightweight. This design is popular in Europe, with micro serrations either on one or both blades.

Choosing Micro-serrated Edge Scissors

These micro-serrated knives are great for learning how to trim hair. They stop the hair from sliding down and make it easier. They are also great for slow detail cutting and dry hair. However, they can’t be used for cutting because the hair could jam onto the blade. These blades can be used for almost any other cutting technique, including slicing.

Choosing Convex Edge Scissors

Convex blades are also called “Japanese Style” and are the sharpest blade type with an arazor-like blade. All convex-edged scissor blades are hollow-ground on the inside, which provides a very smooth cutting action. 

You can use them for all types of cutting but they are best for slicing thanks to their extremely sharp edge. These scissors are best suited for more experienced hairdressers.

Convex blades can be made from solid stainless steel, which makes them a bit heavier than bevelled-edge blades. Because the manufacturing process for convex-bladed scissor blades is more laborious than that of making Samurai swords, and it takes a long time and skilled worker to complete, they are often more expensive than those made from bevelled edges.

What kind of scissor handle do you prefer?

Although there are advantages to different handle designs, the most important is your comfort level. It will depend on your hand shape and cutting style. There are two main types:

  • Opposing Handle (standard ergonomics): Level or Even The basic design. The handles are symmetrical, and they look very straight.
  • Offset handle (ergonomic): One handle is longer and one is shorter than the other. This allows you to have a more open hand and your elbows can be at a lower angle when cutting, which is more comfortable.
  • Crane handle (ultra-ergonomic): similarity to the offset but the top handle has a very straight handle. This again allows for a lower elbow location.

Choosing Left or right handed hair scissors?

Many left-handed stylists begin their careers with right handed scissors. However, they are told they will “get used to it” and continue on with their career. But, left-handed stylists can use the reversed blades to make cutting more natural. This means left-handed users don’t need to use as much force and helps reduce wrist and hand pain.

It is important to use the correct configuration of your scissor for your dominant hand. If you have been using a left-handed scissor for a while, it may be difficult to change.

Do I need molybdenum or cobalt scissors?

Blades of high-end scissors are made from steel that has had its strength increased by adding other substances. The handles are typically made from softer metal. Cobalt is a good addition, and molybdenum increases the metal’s strength. It also adds flexibility.

What type of screw system works best?

Most scissors have a flat, or regular screw system that can be used to adjust the tension. But you need a driver. An adjustable screw is popular because you can turn the small screw by yourself and adjust the tension to your liking.

The best way to check the tension of your scissor is to open your scissors completely and allow one blade to fall towards the closed position. The tension should be at its correct level, which is approximately ten hours.

How often will I need to sharpen my scissors?

This will depend on how often you use your scissors, what kind of cutting you do and how well you care for them. All scissors should generally be serviced every year. However, many people have theirs checked every 3 to 6 months.

Careful who sharpens scissors. To sharpen convex knives, you need specialist equipment and training. There are many sharpeners that have neither, so you might end up with scissors in a different state than they were before.

Which scissors should you use for slicing Convex knives are the most effective and sharpest for slicing. You can also use better quality, bevelled edge scissors. It is important to remember that the better quality scissors will make it easier to slice and chip in.

Are thinning scissors necessary? Yes. Thinning scissors are an essential part of any tool kit. What is texturising? A texturiser, a thinner, is one that thins hair while cutting. There are many options for thinners. While a basic one will reduce a certain amount of hair, it won’t create any significant style unless it is used in a creative way. What routine maintenance should you do? The precision tools of barber and hairdressing are very delicate and require regular oiling. You should not use clipper oil, but a quality mineral-based scissor oils. If possible, keep them in leather pouches.

Where to Buy Scissors in Australia

Retail stores are disappearing and online stores are everything. Delivering hairdressing scissors from an online store has never been easier, but with so many options available how do you know what to choose? There are reliable sites like Japan Scissors, but we want to break down a few rules when shopping online for hair cutting scissors or barber shears.

  • A “no questions asked” return policy in case they don’t fit
  • Reviews on the site and their positive customer service
  • Warranty on the pair of scissors you are ordering
  • Shipping within Australia, not overseas
  • Legitimate names of steel used (440C, VG10 etc.) and not made up names like “Samurai Steel”
  • Active Social Media Presence that shows they are engaging with their community
  • AfterPay and ZipPay available

These are the first rules to finding a reliable online hairdressing supplier that will deliver quality service and solid products. There are a lot of cheap hairdressing scissors out there, but for a budget of $200-300, you should be able to find a quality pair that will keep cutting for years to come.

In the near future Scissor Hub will have a detailed catalogue of hairdressing scissor brands and online stores in Australia. This will provide you with a clean and straightforward solution to searching for a hairdressing brand and supplier that fits you.

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