The Price Of Sharpening Hair Scissors in Australia

January 19, 2022 2 min read

The Price Of Sharpening Hair Scissors in Australia - Scissor Hub Australia

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to sharpen hairdressing scissors? It's a question that many hairdressers ask, and the answer may surprise you. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the cost of sharpening hair scissors and offer some tips for keeping your blades in good condition. Read on to learn more!

Professionally sharpening your scissors will prolong the lifespan of the hair scissor blade. 

In Australia & New Zealand, professional sharpening services typically cost between $20-50. Each scissor and blade type is different, and can affect the overall price for sharpening.

A sharpening service cannot restore your scissors to their original sharpness; however, a professional sharpener will ensure that your blade is secured so that it is razor-sharp enough to cut through the barbershop or salon.

The cost you pay to get your scissors sharpened will include:

  • Sharpening your blade
  • The strength of your blade
  • Assuring that the tension and screws are correct in setting
  • Chips and scratches caused to the blade

If you purchase a costly set of hair cutting, texturizing or thinning shears, you'll require professional sharpening to ensure that the blade remains sharp for many years to come.

Do not attempt to sharpen them yourself, as a single mistake could cause permanent harm to the blade.

Let's dive into the most significant question "how much will I have to pay for sharpening my hair scissors?"

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These are a few of the charges for professional hairdressing sharpening and sharpening of scissors:

  • Mail (Australia Post) Sharpening Services Range Between $10-30 (not including postage)
  • Japanese Scissor Sharpening $15-30
  • Bevel and German Blade Sharpening $10-20
  • Thinning & Texturizing Scissor Sharpening $10-20
  • General Professional Hair Scissor Sharpening $10-15

Every stylist and barber need sharp scissors. Cutting hair with any other method can cause frustration. It is frustrating when the hair is bent or folded and removed to the side of the blade.

It's not only annoying and time-consuming for the hairstylist but can result in the client having split ends or a cut that's not ideal.

The lifespan of the scissors also depends on the style of the user. Some stylists might think that scissors are safe to use, while some feel that they're dull.

If you have a squishy hand and have lost your scissors, it is essential to make sure they are sharpened before using them again. Sharpening professional tools can take about ten times before the need for replacement.

Sharpening services for hairdressers will ensure that you have the best longevity from your top-quality shears or scissors purchased from us. We're also keen to provide some tips about how you can keep your scissors sharp.

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