How To Tell If Your Hair Cutting Scissors Are Dull

September 03, 2021 3 min read

How To Tell If Your Hair Cutting Scissors Are Dull - Scissor Hub Australia

Whether you plan to cut your hair, cloth or something else, the truth still remains that your pair of scissors needs to be sharp.

This doesn’t just ensure accuracy as it can also make such task easier to complete.

In case you have been wondering whether your pair of scissors is sharp or not, ensure to read the details of this article below.

It reveals some of the top signs to lookout for when your scissors have become blunt.

1. Regular problem of hair strands getting stuck

There is a difference between normal threads and human hair. The latter (human hair) will not always be evenly cut. This is because some can become erect while others will remain curly. Although this is expected, your sharp scissors can cut the hair with ease.

It is normal to notice the hair getting stuck in such scissors occasionally. However, this problem shouldn’t be happening consistently. When you begin to experience this over and over again, it is a sign that your scissors isn’t sharp enough. Therefore, it is high time you invested in something sharper.

2. Scissors generating too much noise

Although scissors are expected to generate noise while cutting, this shouldn’t be getting worse. It shows that such pair of scissors is damaged and requires repairs. Ensure to observe your scissors very well. If the noise it produces is increasing, replacement is the best option.

3. Regular folding of hair

When your hair begin to fold on regular basis instead of occasionally while using a pair of scissors, such is a sign that the latter has become very blunt. According to experts, this problem can also be caused by the shear especially when everything else is fine.

It is important that your scissor is repaired or even replaced. This is because folding hair can cause uneven and unattractive cuts. It can sometimes damage your scalp.

4. Having a dull scissors?

The market is filled with different pairs of scissors. While some can meet your needs, others cannot. Making the right choice is not easy since you can even get confused on which one to choose. For instance, some scissors which cost $100. Most people believe these are not worth their price tag which is not true. This is because there are professional barbers who know and understand their value.

5. Are your scissors becoming dull very fast?

This problem is likely to happen when it contains an inferior or low quality metal. What you need is a proven and trusted pair of scissors. It may be expensive but comes with lots of premium features to make life easier. For instance, you will no longer have to bother about hair getting folded or stuck while being cut. Such pair of scissors offers much more than you can ever imagine with regards to features and functionalities. There will no longer be anymore nightmares about inferior pair of scissors.


It is our belief that you have perfectly understood why your scissors are not sharp enough to give you that perfect haircut every single day. Don’t forget that using such scissors can cause more harm than good to your hair in the long run. This is why using something of premium quality is highly recommended. In case you have any further question, feel free to contact us for more help.

Australians can bring their blunt and dull scissors to a local sharpening service to have them fixed up, quick and easy!

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