How To Clean, Disinfect and Sanitise Scissors

September 03, 2021 4 min read

How To Clean, Disinfect and Sanitise Scissors - Scissor Hub Australia

Shears or hairdressing scissors are an integral part of a hair styling professional. Hairdressing scissors are crafted for one purpose, which is to cut hair. Also, they are quite expensive. So, it is unwise to use them for tasks other than trimming hair. If you want to get better results from your haircutting tools, you need to take good care of them.

Remember that a clean scissor makes your work perfect and helps you to get the most out of your investment. This article is all about how to clean and sanitize your haircutting tools. Read on to find out more useful information about that.

Cleaning and sanitizing your scissors

You need to understand that cleaning and sanitizing are different tasks. And, you need to take care of them separately. Most people make a mistake when they put their scissors into Barbicide. While the solution can sanitize your scissors but the tiny pieces of hair remain on the tools.

So, there is a different way to clean the scissors. It is recommended that barbers and hairstylists sterilize and sanitize their scissors along with other hairdressing tools. It is about workplace safety and every professional should follow that.

That way, you can keep your scissors clean and sanitized. Here are some steps you need to follow to get clean, sanitized scissors.

  1. To get started, grab a piece of clean cloth and try removing any kind of dirt or debris.
  2. Take a little quantity of ethanol or rubbing alcohol. Rub it over the scissor blades in a gentle way.
  3. For the next five minutes, do nothing. Take a clean, dry cloth or a paper towel. Wipe the blades with it to remove any kind of moisture left.
  4. When you are sure that the scissor is clean and dry, apply oil in small amounts on the joint.
  5. Store them away in a nice place if you aren’t going to use them for some time.

Useful tips while cleaning your scissors

  • Never use chlorine to clean the scissors. Keep in mind that chlorine has corrosive properties and can damage your haircutting tool
  • Hot water or steam is always recommended to sterilize and disinfect the scissors. However, make sure that you keep the tool dry after sterilizing. It helps to avoid rusting
  • Do not keep the scissors on alcohol-based solutions or ethanol for a very long time. Even if you do, disassemble your scissors, make them dry and reassemble them again
  • Make use of paper towels or a dry cotton cloth to keep your scissors dry after you clean them
  • While ultraviolet rays are effective when it comes to disinfecting your scissors, their ability to kill viruses is unknown

How can you clean and sanitize your brushes and cutting combs every day?

Before you begin to clean your brushes and cutting combs, you need to know something. Never put these haircutting tools for a longer time in liquid sanitizer. When you immerse them for longer periods, the materials on the combs and brushes tend to break down.

Take a dense brush or a toothbrush to clean the brushes and haircutting combs. If you do that in the right way, those tools would be free of debris and dirt. Take the liquid sanitizer and clean them with care. Also, don’t allow more than ten minutes for the fluid to settle on the tools.

Cleaning and oiling your shears every day

Take some cotton along with sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to clean the dirt buildup on the shears. However, keep an eye on the sharp edges. Or else, you may encounter undesirable injuries. It is good to hold the shears with the tip pointing in a downward direction. Open the shear at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Pour oil on the rotating joint of the shear and leave it for the night. Before getting on with the day, take out the scissor. Try working with it so that the excess oil comes out from the joint. Now, wipe the extra oil with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel. Also, wipe off the sharp edges and make them clean.

Give your scissors a bath

Another great way to clean and sanitize your hair cutting scissors is to give them a nice bath. Take a small tub filled with warm water. Add some mild detergent to it and make it a soapy liquid. Put the scissors on the solution for some time. Allow them to soak the liquid.

While doing so remember not to place more than one scissor at a time in the soapy solution. All kinds of chemicals on the scissor would be exposed. Take a piece of cloth and wipe off the chemicals from the scissor blades. The chemicals won’t cause a problem between the blades. As such, it cuts the hair with precision.

Drying and lubricating your scissors

After cleaning and sanitizing your scissors, it’s time for you to make them dry. Take a dry towel and wipe the scissor blades carefully. If you don’t dry your scissors, it might catch rust and damage your tool. You may use a toothpick to remove all kinds of hair splinters around the screw.

The final step involves lubricating your scissors. When you lubricate your scissors once a week, it prevents the tool from gathering rust because of the chemical dirt. Make a 45-degree angle by opening your scissor. Put 1 to 2 drops on the screw. Leave it for a while. Wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Is there a way to cleanse your scissors between your clients?

The best and proven way to cleanse your hairdressing tools between clients is to have another person for this purpose. To effectively clean your hair cutting tools between customers, everything has to be in the right place so that there is easy cleaning.


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, it is more important to maintain safety precautions in hair salons. That way, it keeps the workplace safe including the clients, as well. Moreover, proper cleaning and sanitizing of your scissors prevent the building up of harmful microorganisms and rust. Now, you can maintain your scissors in a good way by following the aforementioned techniques.

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