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September 06, 2021 7 min read

Top 5 Best Thinning Hair Scissors | Choose Shears For Thinning Hair - Scissor Hub Australia

We use specialized German or Japanese steel to make our thinning shears or scissors. Moreover, they are designed by experts in this industry.

We, at Japan Scissors import hair thinning shears from reputed brands such as Yasaka Scissors, Jaguar Scissors, and Juntetsu Scissors.

Barber or hairdressing thinning scissors help you create a layered or textured aesthetic. So, the industry should have them for a variety of modern hairstyles.

We provide thinning scissors that are highly durable and precise. As a result, it gives you the clean haircut necessary for the layering effect.

Hairdresser in a salon holding a thinning scissor


All our hair shears feature ergonomic handle designs from offset to crane. As such, they provide maximum control and comfort throughout the day.

We provide both right and left-handed thinning shears. Also, they are available in a variety of styles. These include rainbow chrome, stainless steel, rose gold, matte black, and various print designs.

Our thinning shears are handcrafted by industry experts. And, you need very little maintenance to get them going for a prolonged time.

At Scissor Hub, we provide you with the best thinning scissors you can find in the market. And, they are great for producing texturizing effects according to your needs.

This article is all about the best thinning scissors for hairdressers and barbers in Australia. So, let’s get started looking at the different types of thinning shears.

What Are The Different Types Of Thinning Scissors For Hair?


Thinning Shears Over Brown Women's Hair

You can find a variety of hair-thinning scissors. And, when you use them properly, it results in a beautiful and unique hairstyle on your head.

Lots of hairstylists combine different types of hair thinning scissors to improve innovation and creativity.

Take a look at the different kinds of hair thinning scissors.

Texturizing and blending hair thinning scissors

Compared to other hair thinning scissor categories, the texturizing and blending thinning scissors does a great job.

They provide all-around performance. In short, these thinning scissors can cut about 40 to 70% of hair with one or two cuts.

Moreover, they provide versatility while texturizing, effective blending, and thinning for all types of hair. This kind of scissor has 25 teeth.

Chunking hair thinning scissors

When you need to remove chunks from bulky hair and create notches, you can use these kinds of hair scissors.

So, when it comes to handling thick and curly hair, it is wise to choose this kind of hair-thinning scissor.

In short, it makes your work easier. The number of teeth lies between 7 and 15. Also, they have wider gaps and remove about 40 to 80% of hair.

Finishing hair thinning scissors

When it comes to removing a lesser amount of hair, the finishing thinning scissors are the best.

Moreover, they have more teeth compare to the other two. This kind of hair scissors is the best when it is about blending hair and giving them a nice finish.

However, when you use them on thick hair, you can have more passes on the hair. Also, the cuts are less visible.

What’s better, 20 or 45 teeth thinning scissors?


The thinning teeth for professional texturizing shears

I see many thinning shears having 20 teeth or 45 teeth. Also, some of them have teeth only on one side, whereas others have teeth on both the scissor blades.

Moreover, some advertisements for thinning scissors show that they can remove about 50% of hair. Whereas, others show about 15%. So, which one is the right thinning shear you should buy?

Now, that’s the biggest problem people face when looking to buy a great thinning shear.

Thinning and texturizing shears over salon hair


Contrary to the popular belief, the more teeth a pair has, it removes less hair. However, shears that have wider and fewer teeth, remove more hair in chunks.

So, the percentages you find on the thinning shears description is the approximate percentage of the amount of hair cut with the blades on every slicing of hair.

Therefore, shears that have 15% removal marked on them take away around 15% of hair in a single snip. An extra 15% adds with multiple snips.

So, even when you have a smaller percentage, it ensures that you don’t “overdo” the shears. Or, you can remove a significant amount of hair.

However, shears with a higher tooth count work well for removing and blending bulk from hairstyles. Especially, with straight to wavy and fine to medium hair types. And, these are the kinds of shear you might want.

Thinning scissors over freshly cut hair


My personal preference would be to select the shear that removes 15% of hair per snip. That’s because, you can remove a little more hair, but can’t add them after it’s cut.

Shears with wider or smaller teeth work better for curly hair types. Moreover, they remove a chunk of curly hair and make your hair look less bulky and lighter.

However, when you use the shears on straight hair types, it results in a gapped and choppy look.

Hence, remember the golden rule when it comes to thinning shears: Less removes more, and more removes less.

The Top 5 Best Professional Scissors For Thinning Hair

Finding the right pair of thinning scissors in Australia isn’t always easy, so we have put together the best list of texturizing, blending and hair thinners for professionals in salons, hairdressers and barbershops!

1. Juntetsu Offset Hair Thinning Scissors


Juntetsu hair thinning shears

Juntetsu produces high-quality hair thinning scissors from premium steel that gives silent and smooth thinning motions.

The offset ergonomic design on these thinners is perfect for hairdressers looking for a comfortable grip while thinning out their clients hair.

Juntetsu Thinner Scissor Features:

  • Price: $$
  • Right Handed Sizes 6.0” inch
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • 30-35% thinning cut-away
  • V-shaped thinning teeth
  • Includes plenty of extras: Leather Scissor Protective Case, Styling Razor, Maintenance Kit, and more!

Juntetsu Thinning Scissors Review:

Juntetsu stands out as one of the best manufacturers for hair thinning shears. High-quality materials and sharp teeth that gives a professional hair thinning experience. Smooth and silent thinning motions that gives you the confidence to thin out thick and curly hair.

Read more about the Juntetsu hair thinning scissor product here

Juntetsu Offset Hair Thinning Scissor Shop Here At

2. Yasaka Offset (YS-400) Thinning & Texturising Scissors


Yasaka Offset YS Thinning scissor

Yasaka is a famous hairdressing scissor brand for professionals. They produce premium-grade thinning shears at affordable prices.

The most popular is the YS Yasaka Thinning Shears that come in 16, 20, 30 and 40 teeth variations.

  • 40 Teeth thinning has an estimated 50% cut away
  • 30 Teeth thinning has an estimated 35% cut away
  • 20 Teeth thinning has an estimated 25% cut away
  • 16 Teeth thinning has an estimated 15% cut away

The Yasaka thinning shears have an offset ergonomic experience that reduces strain and tension on your hands and wrists.

Yasaka YS Scissor Features:

  • Price: $$$
  • Right Handed Sizes 6.0” inches
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • Texturizing, Thinning, Chomping and Blending types

Yasaka YS Thinning Scissors Review:

The Yasaka thinning scissors are of professional quality for hairdressers and barbers. Made from Japanese steel, they have great variations of teeth counts for thinning, blending and texturizing. Find out why so many Australia hair professionals are using Yasaka for their thinning shears.

Read more about the Yasaka thinning & texturising scissor product here

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3. Juntetsu Rose Gold Thinning Scissors


Juntetsu Rose Gold Thinning Scissors

Juntetsu delivers another of the most popular Rose Gold hairdressing scissors for Australian hairdressers and barbers.

Made from high-quality steel and a premium allergy neutral Rose Gold colour coating, these thinning feature 30 teeth for an optimal thinner experience.

Juntetsu Rose Gold Hair Thinning Scissor Features:

  • Price: $$
  • Right Handed Sizes 6.0” inches
  • 30-35% thinning cut away ratio
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • Includes plenty of extras: Leather Scissor Protective Case, Styling Razor, Maintenance Kit, and more!

Juntetsu Hair Thinning Scissors Review:

Made from premium Japanese 440C steel, the Rose Gold Juntetsu thinning shears give a comfortable thinner experience for hairdressers andbarbers. Lightweight ergonomic design and offsethandles makes these easy to hold. You can feel the great quality while you hold them - and they also have a smooth and silent thinning motion.

Read more about the Juntetsu Rose Gold thinning scissor product here

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4. Sakura Thinning Scissors


Mina Sakura Hair Thinning Shear

Mina produces great and afforadble hair thinning scissors for professional hairdressers and barbers, apprentices and beginners, and home hairdressing.

Hand-crafted design on the Sakura offset handle makes this pair both ergonomic and stylish.

The V-shaped teeth makes these perfect for thinning out thick and curly hair with a 30-35% thinning ratio.

Mina Sakura Scissor Features:

  • Price: $
  • Right Handed Sizes 6.0” inches
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • V-shaped teeth with a 30-35% thinning ratio
  • Includes a scissor protective case

Mina Sakura Thinning Scissors Review:

Mina Sakura produces a great quality thinning scissor a comfortable grip that allows you to take care of thick or curly hair. The Sakura thinning motion is smooth and silent, and easily the best thinner scissor in Australia under $199.

Read more about the Mina Sakura thinning scissor product here

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5. Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Pink Thinning Scissors


Jaguar Pink Thinning Shear

Jaguar is a popular German hair scissor brand that produces professional quality thinning and texturizing shears.

Made from German steel, the stylish Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Pink is an excellent 28 teeth thinning scissor.

Jaguar Pink Thinning Scissor Features:

  • Price: $
  • Right Handed Sizes 5.5” inches
  • Comfortable offset ergonomic handle
  • Micro Serration Thinning Blade
  • Pink Colour Coating

Jaguar Pink Thinning Scissors Review:

The Jaguar Pink thinning scissor is popular due to its colour, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. The German made thinning shear is able to easily thin out thick and curly hair in a professional environment! Easily the best value Pink thinning scissor under $200 in Australia!

Read more about the Jaguar Pink thinning scissor product here

Jaguar Pink Thinning Scissor Shop Here At

Conclusion: What Are The Best Hair Thinning Scissors For Hairdressing?

Finding a pair of thinning scissors in Australia is difficult because you have to find the amount of teeth, thin ratio, and teeth type.

Hair cutting scissors are easier to make, so cheaper steel shears can still cut hair.

Thinning scissors are more difficult and buying a poor quality texturizing or blending shear will sounds horrible and then tug or pull shears.

Hair thinning scissors need to be made from good quality steel, and need to come from a reputable brand.

Choose the best type of thinning scissor for professionals in Australia at Scissor Hub!

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