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Ichiro Ash Gold Master Scissor Set

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  • Product Features
STEEL 440C Steel
HARDNESS 58-60HRC (Read More)
QUALITY RATING ★★★★ Excellent!
SIZE 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5" & 7.0" Inches Cutting Scissors and 6.0" Inches Thinning Scissors
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge & V-Shaped Teeth
BLADE Convex Edge Blade & Thinning/Texturising
FINISH Matte Black Polished Finish + Rose Gold
EXTRAS INCLUDE Scissor Travel Cases (2), Feathering Razors, Finger Inserts, Oil Brushes, Cloths, Finger Inserts & Tension Keys

Ignite Your Hair Artistry Revolution with the Ichiro Ash Gold Master Scissor Set. This masterfully curated set encompasses a versatile range of cutting scissors in various sizes and a highly precise thinning scissor, providing the comprehensive suite of tools needed for any professional hairstylist.

Experience Unparalleled Quality and Durability evident in each tool in the set, crafted from premium 440C steel. This advanced material offers an optimal balance of longevity and sharpness, ensuring consistently precise and clean cuts over extended periods.

Relish in Optimal Comfort and Precision courtesy of the offset handle design. This ergonomic attribute greatly reduces hand and wrist strain, promoting prolonged periods of effortless styling. The slice cutting edge and V-shaped teeth deliver seamless, precise cuts, offering a superior level of control and flexibility.

Unleash Your Creative Potential with this versatile set. The included cutting scissors of varying sizes and a specialized thinning scissor allow you to effortlessly experiment with diverse styles and techniques, effectively enhancing your craft.

Indulge in a Comprehensive Professional Package - The Ichiro Ash Gold Master Scissor Set extends beyond the essential styling tools. The set encompasses two protective travel cases, a cleaning cloth, scissor oil, a feathering razor, finger inserts, and a tension key, offering a holistic solution for both professional hairdressers and home enthusiasts.

Enhance Your Performance and Comfort with the Ichiro Ash Gold Master Scissor Set. Boost your hair styling prowess with tools that minimize strain and maximize precision, creating a more enjoyable styling experience. With Scissor Hub Australia, revolutionize your craft today.