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Jaguar Pre Style Relax Left Handed Scissors

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  • Features
HANDLE POSITION Left-Handed Offset 
STEEL Stainless Chromium Steel
SIZE 5.25" and 5.75" inch
CUTTING EDGE Micro Serration Blade
BLADE Blades with a flat cutting angle
FINISH Satin Finish
WEIGHT 32g, 35g
Item Numbers JAG 823525 or JAG 823575
  • Description
  • Ideal for left-handed professionals, offering a dependable scissor set.
  • Ergonomically designed Relax handles for left-handed comfort and precision.
  • Features classic blades suitable for various haircutting techniques like point cutting, blunt cutting, and over-comb.
  • Crafted in Germany, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship.
  • Part of the popular Jaguar Pre Style Relax series, celebrated by professionals in Australia.
  • Professional Opinion

"As a seasoned stylist, I highly recommend the Jaguar Pre Style Relax Left Handed Scissor for its versatility. It's excellent for precision techniques like point cutting and over-comb, as well as for general haircutting. These scissors are also adaptable for most other popular hairstyling methods."

This includes a pair of Jaguar Pre Style Relax Left Handed Scissors.