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Jaguar Pre Style Relax Hairdressing Scissor Set

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The Jaguar Pre Style Relax Offset Model is for all the professional hairdressers and barbers looking for a reliable all-rounder scissor set.

The Jaguar Relax handles are ergonomically designed for hairdressers and barbers cutting hair all day.

Made from German steel and sharp serrated edge blades and teeth, the Relax set is a perfect addition to any hairdressers collection.

Only the best Jaguar scissors are made in Germany for professional hairdressers and barbers.

Browse the best and more popular Jaguar Pre Style Relax hairdressing scissor sets in Australia!

Jaguar Relax Handed Scissor Set Details | Pre Style Relax Shears Review

  • Sizes: 5”, 5.5” and 6.0” inches
  • Types: Cutting & Thinning
  • Steel: Stainless German Steel
  • Rating: ★★★ Great!